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  1. Lovely AKMS GRIM!.. though one nitpick, you have Tula AKM handguards on an AKMS, only Izhmash produced them
  2. Well duh..offcourse they're not real Romanian..
  3. The stock sold on airsoft sites IS Romanian... East German uses a different pattern.
  4. Enough countries still use them..
  5. I'd prefer it if someone would make a proper version of the middle one... the GP25.. that means WITH sights and that's not made to fit the TM Ak-47 but rather fits like the real thing onto VFC/Kalash/Inokatsu AKM/Ak-74 models.
  6. TBH, Real underfolders have a bit of play as well, no matter from what company they come, they can be tightened up though but will always work loose with time. This is one of the major reasons the Soviets went to the sidefolder setup...
  7. To confirm.. Russian Ak-47's were blued, everything after that parkerized and then painted Other countries differed though.. Yugo's for example just blued everything..
  8. Stottman comes to the rescue once again:
  9. Inokatsu has a blued finish... Russian Ak-47's are blued.... All Russian Ak's that came later had a parkerized, then painted finish... Similar to how VFC's look... So Inokatsu's finish is quite unrealistic
  10. Oh and the stock is wrong for an Aks-74U....
  11. East German furniture is easy to get.. No need to go to the USA for it..
  12. AKMS looks nice.. Polish handguards?
  13. He used the Star M249 box, that's the original pistolgrip.
  14. I suppose I should post these pics of my teammate then:
  15. I'd prefer a sidefolding RPKS-74N with wood furniture anyway..
  16. This is what an almost 60 year old Ak-47 Type 1 (first model produced) looks like after being used the entire time: Some more Ak's.. amongst them a couple of Ak-47 Type 2's and the Type 1 As you can see, most finish (Ak-47's were blued btw, later models parkerized then painted) is completly gone, yet it doesn't feature any heavy scratching or anything like that. You would see that more on the Paint over Park. models..
  17. The one in your picture is an RPKS-74 in 5.45x39 btw From our dear friend Stottman: 1992 Version 1993 Version
  18. Nice choice.. sidefolder one looks nicer than the fixed stock one.. Though I would prefer the LMG944 or PG945..
  19. I personally hold my Ak by the magazine Especially in close quarters..
  20. What have you done to the lower handguard btw?
  21. Semi auto SVD? From Real Sword? Now that would be nice..
  22. Some nice Ak's in this thread, keep posting pics
  23. It's a 5.45x39 Vepr rifle (RPK style receiver), modded with a lot of ######.
  24. Top cover, Rear sight, receiver, lower handguard retainer, furniture, barrel, front sight, bipod, flashhider/muzzlebreak, gasblock... It's quite a different gun..
  25. It is the same gun but with different slide, trigger guard and grips, I have the Wa Shan one.. They come out of the same factory as the 4.5mm Umarex/Crossman ones.. I've had the same problem with the hammer, I fixed it for now by filing some material away but I eventually want to get a replacement hammer made..
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