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  1. He said he converted it to an AKM.. which means 7.62x39 so therefore the mags are more curved as you can see
  2. Right, posted before but I finished it: CM.031 originally
  3. Right, finally finished my backup/loaner project. Started out as a CM.031, got a new body (Element), some woodhandguards and a fixed skeleton stock done using the plasticmag method (thanks!). Also did some minor mods like giving the bolt a notch and spraying the front set flat black so it matches in colour more. I added a siderail so I could mount scopes. Internally it's still pretty much stock.
  4. FW200

    Guess The Gun

    1) F88 (Steyr Aug) with metal storm multi shot grenade launcher 2) Croatian APS-95 3) Indian INSAS 5) Ukrainian Vepr
  5. FW200

    Guess The Gun

    8. Judging by the selector markings.. It's East German.. lower handguard is solid wood.. pistolgrip is plastic, so is upper.. It's either a Mpi-K or Mpi-Ks... can be both, can't see the stock.. My bad.. not Mpi-k or Mpi-Ks... I mixed up.. It's a Mpi-km or Mpi-kms-72, the Mpi-k(s) is the milled one.
  6. FW200

    Guess The Gun

    woops remove please
  7. FW200

    Guess The Gun

    Ak-102 actually.. but then in civilian straight pull variant for the British market
  8. This is all VDV (Vozdushno-Desantnye Voyska), or Soviet airborne gear from the Afghanistan period. First picture: This is a standard "Afgankha" uniform, it's also called "M88". Worn underneath it is the "Telnyashka", a skyblue-white striped shirt which has been a tradition taken over from the Soviet Navy. The footwear consists of so-called "Sapogi", these are basicly jackboots. During the Afghanistan period it turned out that these got easily destroyed on the rough rocky grounds, so troops prefered imported Chinese Adidas clones. Reporters were asked to make pictures which didn't sh
  9. The stock came from a Guarder Aks-74U, the previous owner replaced the stock on his with a realsteel stock. It's not easy to retain the function, since the real folding mechanism doesn't have enough room in the receiver. Plasticmag managed to make it work but it took him a lot of work. Another option is the Trapperindustries/jonboy2312 method, where the first sells a full folding stock set ( http://www.trapperindustries.com/airsoft/page12.html ). The jonboy2312 method involves DIY, it's essentially the same method though, both use the hinges and locking mechanisms of a 50e Chinese air
  10. Thanks, It's a non-folding skeleton stock, using the guide from Komanda Groza indeed I needed an easy and cheap loaner, for when I bring people along so I didn't bother with the whole folding stock mechanism I could post a parts list of what was modded if wanted..
  11. CM.031, not yet done (it has no gearbox atm )
  12. Not an Ak-74 just because you stick another mag in it Though there was a single prototype which was basicly an AKM converted to 5.45.. Next purchase, definatly a GP25.. the blowback unit is just a gimmick which has a tendency to fail
  13. Wrong, Ak-47's have milled receivers.. AKM's have stamped receivers.
  14. The Hungarians had the "I" grips
  15. One slight comment, the lower handguard you have is from an Ak47 and not from an AKM For the rest it's looking quite nice
  16. What you are thinking about:
  17. That looks odd.. does it use the TM rear sight base,gastube , front sight and gasblock?
  18. G&G Rk-103, with Guarder Ribbed top cover, Realsteel stock and handguards, Cyma pistolgrip (sprayed), converted Izhmash plum magazine and 1PN58 nightvision rifle sight. I'm still working on it though, I want to replace as much parts with real ones
  19. Had some trouble with the lighting, sorry... The pistolgrip in pic 1 looks a lot better in real life with proper light..
  20. FW200

    Before and After

    And the correct bolt
  21. 3. It is a CA SLR clone.. not ICS.. It has the TM style buildup the CA has so it also has the milled style slanted rear of the receiver, unlike the ICS which has the straight stamped style receiver end 4. Guarder Ak-103 kit with a 5.45mm style mag is an Ak-74M...
  22. It sadly looks nothing like a VSS to me, and I much prefer looking at the amazing Aks-74 that thegunrunner has
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