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  1. My friend has G&P RAS II on his . He said it fit well. He got from a guy who took that out from his G&P gun.
  2. FYI, mine exploded during the night in a bed room. There was no Sun's light at all that moment. My friend's mag exploded because he left his exposed to direct Sun 's light since then all members in my team have kept mag from direct Sun's light. I have never used CO2 with my BB guns.
  3. After my mag got exploded, I have switch to mixed gas between 134A and high pressure gas (3:1) . Now it could stand 40C degree. I have 3 mags . None of them leaked or exploded during the day. I started playing from 10:00 to 17:00 . The highest temp was a bit above 40C in the afternoon and it was a sunny day.
  4. If that referred to me. I had only R22 in my magazine. But the temp was high. Magazine wall is so thin to handle CO2 anyway.
  5. Thanks. It is G&P. It works just fine. However, I met one guy at local airsoft field. He had G&P aimpoint on his WA. His Aimpoint did not work well. It kept turning on/off all the time during shooting. My other two friends of mine have G&P aimpoint on their WE but have never had any problem either. We use them for skirmish almost every week. Had some minor problems before but now they work really fine.
  6. This pin only locks trigger group's case in place. Nothing in it would fall.
  7. Just punch the top left pin (when your barrel points to the left of your hand) . replace it with a pin that comes in the package. I have one on mine.
  8. I think we will have to wait couple days before retailers update there web. But I am sure AB will have it on his site very soon. I am emailing to him anyway.
  9. Wow! My waiting is over! Thanks WETTI :D
  10. I like this . It is fun to explore and break things and improve it. No pain, no gain!
  11. I have some experiences with WE that I want to share. I have tried several brands of gas in local market including those which are labeled as green gas . I have found that if gas has silicone mix the gun will have a bad grouping. So now I use 75% of 134a with 25% of high power gas as propane with no silicone (after trial and error). The grouping is better at 15 meters but not as good as AEG. I still have old version hopup on my gun (waiting for 6.02 to come out to the market). My gun shoots around 345 - 355 fps with .25 marui brand. The temperature is 38-40 C here . I don't think this formula
  12. My new steel nozzle assembly Three out of 4 braze nozzles from 4 WE AWSS in my team have been broken. One guy broke twice before switching to steel.
  13. I have bought 2 steel nozzles (300 fps) from Airsoftbuddy. One is for my gun and another one is for my friend's. Both have been put on WE M4s to replace original ones. They work fine. Although there is no oring in the picture at airsoftbuddy, those I have received have oring on them. And FYI , both gun now shoot around 370 .
  14. Hi WE ITT, Is "6.02mm 'mirror finish, chrome-plated' ultra precision inner" the same as the one on Airsoftbuddy? http://www.airsoftbuddy.com/index_eproduct...products_id=270
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