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  1. been a few months so... HERA HERA HERA!

  2. Nice! Looks really unique!
  3. Great buyer - prompt payment and good comms!


  4. Class act, great seller :) :) :)

  5. Great seller, friendly and insanely rapid at sending items! Cheeers!!!

  6. Top seller, fast delivery and clear comms, recommended :)

  7. Very nice, I'm plenty jealous of the p114c
  8. Ledpocket, that looks wicked, nice one mate
  9. Digging that GWS. RS grips on my P226, texture's rougher.
  10. Hate to say it, but I kinda like that. Needs to lose the electrical tape though.
  11. That's gorgeous, you must be proud
  12. I need a GP30 for my RK103 - how hard was it to fit?
  13. Nice, was the CA nade launcher a drop in fit?
  14. Quality buyer - friendly and kept me informed all the way. Recommended :)

  15. Tease Borrow a decent camera and shoot us some proper pics!
  16. One good Sig deserves another... Pro-win non-railed kit.
  17. Thanks for the report man. Nice to see some Crye-alikes for the Ghost recon fans
  18. We've all got to fund our habits somehow. Nice stuff there mav
  19. You're making me really really want one Slug Pellets How hard is the SD slide to fit?
  20. Hey para. They're a mix of real (still rare) and replicas. Replicas can be bought from flecktarn, Wolf Armouries, 6mil... Loads of places. Pays your moneys, takes your choice etc. Krylon comes from 6mil or Fire Support. Accessories such as nvg mounts, lights, goggle straps and all that tat can be bought from ebay. Real MICHs are availible on ebay, though never from the uk. Accessories maketh the helmet, so chose wisely :edit: Nice lid Hivemind and you're O-neg, best blood type in the world (for others ).
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