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  1. aye its my new designated get in from work and slump clothing!!!! great for keeping me cool and protected when my wife makes me hoover late in the evening
  2. a test run with some left over fabric i had. just to get a feel for the next project and we have TARTAN UBACS!!!!!!!
  3. nixon tell me a little bit about how you cut your lid man! i always over cut mine with the dremel and have a huge gap!!
  4. strange i had that problem before the addition of the silicone ( which was why i added so much of it ) still perhaps i was doing something wrong in re-assembly!! more skilled hands than mine i guess! i have much to learn! kudo's to you anyway dude!!
  5. looks amazing man glad to see it turned out well!! just out of curiosity how did you fix that damn airseal!???
  6. it could be a little brighter dude low key or not its no good when people cant see it! all the same ! position of the lights is good and the loadout looks awesome edit ...i should be a bit more constructive low key mostly refers to the background and the use of shadows! but a good shot of a lovely detailed subject like yours is no good as he is the same exaposure as the background and lacks any ''pop'' dont be afraid to crank up the light to make him stand out!
  7. heya chaps sorry about the lack of an update, im having problems with this rifle, that may have been pre-existing when I brought it, so no review on performance I will say that the gearbox quality is pretty amazing though!!!
  8. This isn't really a proper review just yet chaps as I've only really owned the rifle 2 weeks and spent a lot of time simply just fondling it. so ill go over with a few pointers before I gather the information I need for field performance. Another reason is that I picked up mine on the classifieds and it has been downgraded to around 300fps I was quoted 330 but shots at a coke can on .20g rounds fail to even penetrate one side of the can ill keep an eye on this thread so go ahead and throw a Q&A at me .the box is of a decent quality and well packed in thin moulded plastic, pre
  9. terrible picture i know, ill get some better ones when i get home she is perfect in every way ics m1 garand
  10. same game as james from the previouse page my M4 was being a sod on and off but still providing great performance boy do i wish id never taken that helmet off aswell!!!!
  11. dear god in heaven heroshark that is the best thing ive seen in ages!!! im really into the idea of making masks for props and photos and randomn fun!!! it must be time consuming but is it exspensive!! do you have any decent online resources??
  12. found an old pro-tec around the house and did it up!!! loved the way it turned out but i hate how huge it is on my head anyone know a small helmet that doesnt have the styrofoam like liner but will still take a few blows!! ive been looking at pro-tec ace wake helmets and the a-alpha half shells!! im assuming the alphas are just cut up pro-tecs??
  13. trying to make a fictional loadout using alpenflage and giving a modern ish loadout impression helmets mostly for show or mounting my go-pro will stick some velcro on it. what do you guys recommend for making it look awesome in the most cost effective way possibly! i was thinking light-sticks but they are a bit out of date these days what with e-lites etc i was thinking of bolting some g36 rails on the sides
  14. aye they are selling alpenflage jackets across the road from me! so my team loadout is going to be tan/alpenflage! in the summer when it gets hot ill dye something to match! yep sponge method!! i was concerned! it doesnt really start to look decent till you add the third colour in!
  15. thanks titchikov think it needs a bit more red and white to be really vcra now i just need a matching camo pattern!! im thinking i may have to get creative with it!!
  16. seeing as i have to two tone anyway
  17. painted my l85 after seeing a few painted l85 pictures considering building an older sfsg loadout edit forgot the pic
  18. I know this is a little thread revival, but i wanted to update this thread with a little information about the rifle that i discovered over time Okay so first of all ill talk about the peformance! one of the most dissapointing things i found with this was the motor, on an 8.4v battery i found that quite often id pull the trigger to find that instead of 1 shot on semi what i actually got was 2 or sometimes the trigger would just lock up altogether, the reason for this was the motor i guess just not being very strong in conjunction with the batter although this could be soved with a bett
  19. as she was a few days ago with a little desert dust up going for a contractor loadout needs a metal body though!!!! badly
  20. got bored of the whole dmr setup so changed to something a bit more adaptable!! all i need is a decent aimpoint eplica and a magnifier and ill be happy!!!
  21. after some looking through manuals and takedown vids it seems the g&g hop unit is exactly the same as used in all other g&g m4/m16 based products even the top tech versions which i guess is why they are such good qaulity! i agree with the part about the barrel! if feels like a cardboard tube!! only the top tech g&g guns come with tightbore's as standard i tried stripping mine down today and cross threaded the screws in the handgrip!! i dunno wether thats down to my crappy screwdriver or the screw qaulity anyone else had these problems!!??
  22. G&G CM16 combat machine review this was written on wordpad (so no spellcheck) it is probrably full of spelling mistakes and bad grammar!! just a warning!!! Opening the box I was greeted by a mailman with a pretty huge box....nice the packaging was pretty simple no huge pictures or anything just a brown box with g&g combat machine written on it and a small monotone picture pretty nice actually i much prefer that design to some of the brighter manufacture's boxes out there it makes it seem a lot less like a cheap springer or a toy! inside the box was a plastic divider
  23. findiboy16


    nice bolty dude!! thanks i liked it both ways!! was esiar to wield with the m4 stock but i wanna get rid of that wiring yp the fron and have a nice big battery!! felt it looked more sniper-ish with the m16 stock to
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