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  1. Photos taken during down time at an OP. Goofing around.
  2. Has anyone successfully installed one of THESE I have a question on how the lower handguard collar is secured after installation. I have a CYMA AK74 (CM031). Thank you.
  3. good times there SLO-MAR.. I think the AO would have kicked butt more if it was a force on force engagements OP.
  4. I inherited a TM G36 that i installed a CA G36K handguard, what 9.6v battery configuration would I be able to fit in the handguard? thanks
  5. @Pradal-Serey is that a GBB or AEG?? if AEG how are you powering it? @Somegirls if it was me, id go with 10"
  6. Why are the wheel weights on the outside, next time have them moved on the inside of the wheel for a cleaner look if possible. btw nice shoes..
  7. I did see it, thanks for sharing them. Hope to run into you again next big OP.
  8. Good setup there, thanks for letting me test out that scope Saturday it really got me interested.
  9. Handguard cap IS next to the front sight just. Barrel Nut is where the spring and the delta ring are attached to which is attached to the upper body. Hope this pic helps Clicky!
  10. Redid my setup and acquired new "furniture's" #1 #2 Group Shot Enjoy
  11. What's going on bro! Happy Birthday Man!! Let me know when you got another game going so we can play.

  12. Can someone confirm this. I've been trying to find a CA G36K hand guard ONLY, can't seem to find a store that sells JUST the hand guard. Am I SOL? or is my only hope another owner not needing it? thanks
  13. Frakk2k I don't think having the gas block infront of that 7" rail would look bad, seeing the notches where the front sight would mount from your picture, mounting the gas block there provides proper length for the gas tube.
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