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  1. mabbz

    L85A2 LLM01&ACOG

    Nice where did u get the riser for the ACOG? its the only thing im missing
  2. try switching to fully auto and firing then switch back to semi. take the mag out and then press the spring release. normally works for me but only when ive been over zealous on full auto.
  3. Ive always wondered why the CS95 shirt is labled light weight jacket. And yet we tuck said jacket in. confused me when i saw my 668
  4. Thats the load out i wanna do for my SAS type look. Did you get the RICAS from UK tactical? Nice load out Jon. CK: Is the whole tidying up thing Thansk to SWO? Cos i admit every SWO ive ever met has always ripped me a knew one even when id spent days on my uniform.
  5. sorry for the the poor quality of the pic. Kit list: Special forces bush hat CS95 light weight jacket (shirt) CS95 Combat trousers PLCE All arms assault vest. Molle Drop leg holster Working Dress Og belt Patrol boots (though you cant see them) Il have some game pics hopefully next sunday! Mabbz
  6. Anyone know where i can get teh G&G A2 handguard and A2 cocking handle in the uk?
  7. As with The captain i often pm Tom with annoying questions regarding guns and he always has a helpfull reply.

  8. Zimex, Did you use the Star A2 cocking handle? if so how easy is it to fit onto the weapon?
  9. That would be like the first time EVER thats thats happend.....
  10. I may get a crane stock to house the batterys. im not fond of the PEQ box. When you say pics of your tool i do hope you mean the rifle? and as for camping i meant sleeping under a basha be it in a hammock or on a camp bed. i despise tents now and find it very difficult to sleep in them. Prefer a basha. If you could post some pics of your gear and weaponry thatd be cool and would help me out alot.
  11. The only thing i need to do some real research into is the helmets they use. Ive heard they use the standard british scid lid, MITCH and PASGT. i have a MK 6so i may stick with that. any tips on C8 Carbine convertions. is it easier to grab an M$ and get a RIS front end and a crane stock? Like the Basha set up. Mine uses a hammock instead of the camp bed. theres no better way of camping IMHO
  12. liking the DPM inflatable mat and sleeping bag. Staffy, In your UKSF patrol set up, do you use the Striek speed clip to attach your serpa to the front of your rig? Looking to do a UKSF load out based on the SRR and i know they use this method as well as the SAS/SBS
  13. All these pictures look great. Hopefully il get some done when i get my R85. Does any have any pics of their basha set ups for over nighters?
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