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  1. fingertwister


    I Lol'd at all the fanboys who had to have this must have aeg. To be honest it seems as if youy have all been taken for a ride. My A&K Masada with systema gearbox *suitcases* all over this ares abomination for around £100 less than rrp. I know fanboys wil flame me and tell me to get off this thread, but I was one of the guys who was really keen to upgarde to the magpul masada after having the A&K, but I am so glad I saved the cash.
  2. fingertwister


    Was seriously thinking of selling my upgraded full trades A&K Masada for one of these.......................thank god I read this thread.
  3. fingertwister


    Good site, have used them a couple of times. The option to turn on the price including shipping is quite good. E-mails and enquires are answered very quickly. Would & have recommended to others.
  4. fingertwister

    WWII Weapons Picture Thread

    Right, most of you have probably seen the pictures of my custom made Owen SMG but for those who haven't here are a couple of pics. Built around agm mp40 internals with element upgrade kit and using the hop unit from it inverted to take mags from the top. Runs on a 7.4v lipo that is used in the Sten. Some people find it ugly (read...most), but I think it looks mint.

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