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  1. soren

    Glock Picture Thread

    Sorry 'bout the delay The cutout in the slide. I made a notch as a backup rearsight in the reddot. Also makes it faster to find the dot.
  2. soren

    Glock Picture Thread

    Correct I'll take a pic of it disassembled tomorrow when there's more light.
  3. soren

    Glock Picture Thread

    Thank you. I used a file to lower the sight 3 mm into the slide. The sight is then screwed directly onto the chamberblock.
  4. soren

    Glock Picture Thread

  5. soren

    Glock Picture Thread

    A little update on my KSC G19. I stripped the paint and added a G&G threaded barrel, mostly for the looks though. A couple of months ago I ordered an Ameriglo suppressor height frontsight but it seems it's stuck somewhere so I might have to look for a new one. The gun has around 1000 shots through it and it works !! especially when running NVG
  6. soren

    Glock Picture Thread

    Thank You All mods are done by me and the reddot mounting was done with a file and some patience since my Dremel decided to die just as I started the work.
  7. soren

    Glock Picture Thread

    A little update on my KSC G19. KSC G19 w/ full gripreduction and stipple PGC Slide kit G34 Slide release G17 smooth trigger w/shortened pull Milliput beavertail Glock tritium frontsight (need to find a higher someday) China Docter sight Surefire X300
  8. soren

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Why do you have the fastening buckles in the rear ? I tried it once and it annoyed the hell outta me that I couldn't don and doff it quickly because I had to reach back and fumble the straps through the buckle. To add a little to the pictures, here's my HPC for a CAG impression.
  9. soren

    Glock Picture Thread

    Thanks I don't know. I got 'em second hand and they were a pain to find.
  10. soren

    Glock Picture Thread

    @TeowneD Thanks .The sights install like any other sight and there were no complications. I superglued them and they've been there for the past year or so. I tried to take a picture through the sights but it didn't work. They are made by Glock and have small Glock markings on the top. @Snigel I tried your mod and it works so thanks again man
  11. soren

    Glock Picture Thread

    Thanks man .
  12. soren

    Glock Picture Thread

    Thanks. Snigel, I've been experimenting with a shorter triggerpull but I can't get it to work properly so if you've got a solution, please do tell .
  13. soren

    Glock Picture Thread

    KSC G19 with PGC slide, Glock tritium sights, G34 slidecatch, grip reduction, magwell cutouts, 360 stipplejob and Surefire X300.
  14. soren

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    @SFCHAVOK thanks man

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