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  1. Can you tell me more about the irreperable problem with the Tm AK74mn that you spoke about in your youtube vid? I have found no other information on it.

  2. I wasn't aware I was not allowed to have one. My other one had an error so I registered for a new one.
  3. Yeah. If we're talking milsimers then the SOPMOD is great cause it still has better reliability than a GBBR Anyone else and... well I guess it becomes a personal choice. I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes here. I just thought that since lots of people reading this are considering buying one, and these are not exactly cheap. We should let these prospective buyers know what this gun is capable of and not capable of. Whenever we get a new gun, especially if it was expensive, we have a tendency to think good things about it so as to justify our purchase. That's why you rarely see
  4. I love it when you people talk like that. I guess all those Japanese airsoft snipers in Japan are just noobs. They're not important. TM should just forget about them and design guns for "serious airsoft snipers".
  5. What? 0.23g and 0.25g are no go? But your friend uses 0.23g himself... I mean if they sell them... I assume they're OK... maybe... I've heard a lot over this RoF vs Accuracy argument and you're right. I prefer RoF. But at the same time, I don't "hose" targets. In fact, I don't even use hi-caps, ever. Only hi-cap is my AK one from my DBoys. Accuracy is just a finicky thing with airsoft guns. It's good sometimes when the conditions are right and the stars are aligned. But Mother Nature usually has a bigger say than you do in this department. And this is assuming you keep your barrel an
  6. I see you are a 1911 fan :)

  7. Sorry I was unclear, I meant the RoF on the SOPMOD, with the special 8.4V. The 9.6V Carbine had a 17 rps RoF. And yes, those are chrono results. They say the Carbine gets more even with a 8.4V, but I didn't have one on had to try. And I'm not about to throw out numbers that I didn't get myself. I should also mention the other issue of wind. The range is in an open-ish area. Placed called SEALS, one of the biggest in Chiba, east of Tokyo. Best shooting range in Japan IMO, only one that can give you 50 meters marked out and with uniform targets. Now with that being said. The FPS on the S
  8. When I was in Japan I got the chance to shoot the SOPMOD and the EBB M4A1 Carbine on a 9.6V The range was an outdoor one that went out to 50 meters. I also had my TM EBB AK74MN to test alongside. All were on TM 0.25g and bone stock The results were what I was expecting basically. On semi, the SOPMOD was on par with the AK74, about 30 meters, after which the groups begin to really open up. On semi-auto, I noticed the SOPMOD groups opening up much more. If I wanted to hit a head sized target, I could only get about 20 meters. I could still hit the 30 meter target, but not with ev
  9. I've wondered the SOPMOD issue for a bit and I have these thoughts about why it has been unpopular: 1. It is not THAT much better than the original setup. Virtually all of the problems in the original design have been solved. The Madbull hopup made the crappy V2 hopup history. So... if it ain't broke, don't fix it. 2. EBB is sort of a weird middle ground between regular AEGs and GBBR. If people want performance, they go AEG, if they want fun realism, they go GBBR. There's no real reason to go for a middle ground since you get neither benefit in full. 3. Aftermarket parts manufactur
  10. I wonder about that top spring... I've heard that it does very little since it is so weak. What I did was simply leave my Madbull hopup still sticking out a little from the receiver and then allow the mating of the lower and upper receivers to push the hopup in. I figured that way it would fall into its "natural" place... Have you tried using a stronger spring that goes around the barrel? Like the setup on the VFC PDW?
  11. To tell you the truth, exact improvements in grouping are hard to measure. But there are some definitive benefits to the Madbull. First, the adjustment is easier, much easier, more precise (cause the wheel is bigger) and you can be 100% sure it will hold its place. The possible addition of an LED unit is another boost. If you notice, the original G&P unit has a tiny tiny bit of wiggle when in the receiver, this goes away once the receivers are mated, but it makes you wonder... Since the Madbull needs to be filed down, you can file it so it JUST fits in. I actually have to s
  12. I tested the rifle today with the black nub and the Madbull unit. Worked like a dream. Full auto consistency was particularly good. I'm going to hold off on the super gluing since I can't get a new strike arm for the unit.
  13. I just did like you said and filed the Ultimate until I got it to fit. However, when I tried to fit the white H nub from Element in, I noticed that the nub was not wide enough to fit perfectly in the chamber. There was about 0.2 mm or so of extra space. Same with the black. I usually use the white nub, but I just can't seem to align it properly in the Ultimate chamber. The black one I could align correctly. My question is: which nub do you use?
  14. Useless? Not really since it allows the magazine to be placed in the right place. For some people (myself not really included) that's a selling point. Overcomplicated? Maybe, but it's a solution to a problem. Rough on the BBs? This one I will buy. However this issue can be rectified quite easily with the "Hard" type Goldenballs. Those things are VERY hard to cut or even scratch. Only time will tell. So far, there just aren't that many people who have it.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJMdi6DLz-I This is my video review Check out other reviews too while you're at it
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