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  1. Ecthelion

    Initial Impressions of the TM SOPMOD M4 AEG

    Yeah. If we're talking milsimers then the SOPMOD is great cause it still has better reliability than a GBBR Anyone else and... well I guess it becomes a personal choice. I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes here. I just thought that since lots of people reading this are considering buying one, and these are not exactly cheap. We should let these prospective buyers know what this gun is capable of and not capable of. Whenever we get a new gun, especially if it was expensive, we have a tendency to think good things about it so as to justify our purchase. That's why you rarely see a review which reviews the gun in a negative light. When I review a gun, I take priority to explain every downside so that the prospective buyer knows it before hand and won't get a nasty surprise.
  2. Ecthelion

    Initial Impressions of the TM SOPMOD M4 AEG

    What? 0.23g and 0.25g are no go? But your friend uses 0.23g himself... I mean if they sell them... I assume they're OK... maybe... I've heard a lot over this RoF vs Accuracy argument and you're right. I prefer RoF. But at the same time, I don't "hose" targets. In fact, I don't even use hi-caps, ever. Only hi-cap is my AK one from my DBoys. Accuracy is just a finicky thing with airsoft guns. It's good sometimes when the conditions are right and the stars are aligned. But Mother Nature usually has a bigger say than you do in this department. And this is assuming you keep your barrel and hopup clean and oil free. A lot of people don't even do that. RoF is entirely under your control. And its effect on hit probability is not a matter of opinion, it's simple math. From the same gun, if you can shoot 30 bbs a second, you are 33% more likely to hit that if you shoot 20 bbs a second. That's just math. No amount of wind, rain or humidity will throw those numbers off. At the end of the day, it's not strict per BB accuracy, it's hit probability. A real steel M14 is bloody accurate, but on full auto it loses to an M16 on hit probability. Now, I totally buy the realism argument. The TM EBBs are a riot to shoot, that's why I bought 2 of them! And I do love the sound, much better than than the whine of an AEG. But I just can't agree that they are more accurate on full auto, or even semi, than well made non EBB AEGs, especially if the non EBB has been upgraded with a Marui hopup rubber. With no recoil, the EBBs do very well. IIRC Echigoya in Akihabara offered to turn off the recoil in new SOPMOD purchases if the customer requested. I know this cause when I asked them about the accuracy, the first thing they said was that the recoil is a factor against it, but it can be turned off.
  3. Ecthelion

    Initial Impressions of the TM SOPMOD M4 AEG

    Sorry I was unclear, I meant the RoF on the SOPMOD, with the special 8.4V. The 9.6V Carbine had a 17 rps RoF. And yes, those are chrono results. They say the Carbine gets more even with a 8.4V, but I didn't have one on had to try. And I'm not about to throw out numbers that I didn't get myself. I should also mention the other issue of wind. The range is in an open-ish area. Placed called SEALS, one of the biggest in Chiba, east of Tokyo. Best shooting range in Japan IMO, only one that can give you 50 meters marked out and with uniform targets. Now with that being said. The FPS on the SOPMOD is really more suited towards .23g rather than .25g. In Japan, 0.2g is still the most popular, and TM designs their guns to shoot on 0.2g for the most part. With higher FPS guns, you can use heavier BBs and that's when things get more accurate in outdoor conditions. SOPMOD can't do that OOTB. I am fairly certain about the groups I got since both rifles were ACOG fitted I zoomed in till I could clearly see the 30 meter board. It was a sunny day so the BBs were clearly visible. Personally I have only handled the SOPMOD on 3 occassions from 2 different people. Had a few games with it. But I have never owned one. I played with the idea for a long time and that's why I went through all the trouble of testing their OOTB performance. I am willing to go EBB, that's why I got BOTH the AK74MN and the AK74U from TM. But the SOPMOD's strong recoil on full auto and low RoF (I didn't want to get the Carbine one and have to spend 10,000+ yen getting a rail for it) made me turn away from it and get a VFC SR16 instead. @druid I don't have a vendetta against the TM SOPMOD lol But comparing it to a CA and a JG is sort of a mismatch, neither of those brands are known for their consistency or accuracy. Try the TM against a newer VFC model or even a G&P with slight modding and you will see what really good accuracy with an AEG is like. KWA is also supposed to be good, but I haven't handled or owned one yet so it's just hearsay for me at this point.
  4. Ecthelion

    Initial Impressions of the TM SOPMOD M4 AEG

    When I was in Japan I got the chance to shoot the SOPMOD and the EBB M4A1 Carbine on a 9.6V The range was an outdoor one that went out to 50 meters. I also had my TM EBB AK74MN to test alongside. All were on TM 0.25g and bone stock The results were what I was expecting basically. On semi, the SOPMOD was on par with the AK74, about 30 meters, after which the groups begin to really open up. On semi-auto, I noticed the SOPMOD groups opening up much more. If I wanted to hit a head sized target, I could only get about 20 meters. I could still hit the 30 meter target, but not with every shot, maybe 80% IIRC. Targets were square boards, 1/2 meter each way. RoF on the SOPMOD was low too, only about 12 rps IIRC. Not a scientific test, but I sort of gave up on the idea of EBB M4. From what I can see in the hopup design, it looks like an adaption from the standard AUG/G36/P90 drum style dial. Madbull is the same thing... so yeah, I don't see why a SOPMOD would do better than a NBB M4 with tight tolerances on a Madbull. Especially when you consider that the EBB has the recoil before the BB leaves the barrel.
  5. Ecthelion

    Initial Impressions of the TM SOPMOD M4 AEG

    I've wondered the SOPMOD issue for a bit and I have these thoughts about why it has been unpopular: 1. It is not THAT much better than the original setup. Virtually all of the problems in the original design have been solved. The Madbull hopup made the crappy V2 hopup history. So... if it ain't broke, don't fix it. 2. EBB is sort of a weird middle ground between regular AEGs and GBBR. If people want performance, they go AEG, if they want fun realism, they go GBBR. There's no real reason to go for a middle ground since you get neither benefit in full. 3. Aftermarket parts manufacturing begins in Hong Kong and a little in Taiwan. In HK, the EBBs simply have not been selling well. Inventories sell out only because there were tiny to begin with. High performance guns are really what sell in HK, and EBB have both issues with 20 + rps setups and accuracy on full auto.
  6. Ecthelion

    VFC KAC PDW Review

    I'm really thinking about buying this gun as my next AEG primary. But I have some lingering questions: 1. How is the paint OVER TIME? I mean, does it scratch, change color over time? 2. Rust? For those who live in humid climates, or have gotten their PDW wet, how has it held up? Do you get any surface rust? 3. Overall reliability. What has broken for you all over the months and years? How often does it happen? And what batteries were you using when it happened 4. Stock wobble. Initially there is none, but does it develop over time as you fold and unfold again and again? If wobble does develop, how do you solve it?
  7. Ecthelion

    VFC KAC PDW Review

    Stick with the bullet connectors since they allow you to keep a slim profile. The Deans connectors are bulkier and you can barely fit the bullet connectors as they are now. As for the RA tech mod... it's nice, but for practical reasons I think having an external battery is actually quite nice. For one thing, it lets you have a bigger battery, so you don't need to worry about running out. And, you can remove it MUCH more easily. I like to keep lipo batteries easily removable and near non-critical parts of the gun in case of a lipo fire/explosion. And these days they make REALLY nice battery box PEQs that also have green laser and LED capability, so the battery box can be quite useful as well.
  8. Ecthelion

    VFC KAC PDW Review

    Just did some testing with my VFC Knight's style flash hider. The problem does not happen every shot, but one of every 4 or 5 shots will randomly drop out of the air like it got no hopup. I took the flash hider off and the problem stopped, so we all know the culprit. I'm just not going to bother with the drilling, too much work and it ruins the look of the flash hider. For now, it's gonna have to be the Noveske fire pig!
  9. Ecthelion

    VFC KAC PDW Review

    OK, so have anyone NOT had this problem with the flash hider? I'm worried about drilling it out since the piece is made from steel. As it is, it is treated so that it doesn't rust. But if I drill it, it might start to rust. I live in Hong Kong where anything that can possibly rust WILL rust.
  10. Ecthelion

    VFC KAC PDW Review

    Has anyone had an issue with the BB clipping the flashhider on this gun? If you've noticed, the Knight's style flash hider on this and the SR15-16 have a VERY small opening, just big enough for the BB to pass through. I had a DBoys version and the BB would occasionally clip the lip of the flash hider. But I've extended the inner barrel so it is only 8 mm short of the end of the flash hider (this time it's a VFC version flash hider). It's hard to know whether the BB will clip unless I pass hundreds of rounds through it. Anyone have any experience with this? As in an increase in accuracy after you've removed the flash hider?
  11. Ecthelion

    VFC KAC PDW Review

    For all your VFC PDW owners out there, do your folding stocks have a bit of wobble when you have them unfolded? I had the DBoys version and it did not have this problem, but on my friend's VFC version I noticed this problem. I am wondering if this is a fluke or if all the VFCs come like this.

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