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  1. Quick question, sorry if it has been answered before but will the king arms ak to m4 stock adapter work with cyma aks?
  2. TM 4.3 TK OD grips Hogue P14 grips(Insipriation from Midnight Sailor )
  3. Yes, it is the ITT Gen.3 Alpha model. I just threw it on there to take the picture. I run a battery bag with the wiring running through the stock tube. Lol so very true .
  4. My seal-esque blaster w/ night setup.
  5. Sarge, the PEQ is a G&P batterybox with a 9.6 3300 nimh in it. the stand i made my self. just gutted an old hicap and got some epoxy putty to mold the corret angle. PM me and i'll give you some instructions as how to build one. -jon
  6. Yeah, I would definately reccomend putting the radio pouch on the side. I had mine on my old rig(FSBE) located on the left shoulder blade and couldn't easily access it. Oh, my CIRAS is the Phantom version.
  7. I plan on doing so, just ran outta money .
  8. Just a few more pics of my CIRAS. I added some more pouches too.*sorry for the size*
  9. Are those M14 mags in the pouches in the front? They look too big to be M4/16 mags. *EDIT* ahh I see now.
  10. Phantom CIRAS Vests? There ya go
  11. Actually its the Phantom one. All the pouches came with the vest all I did was rearrange them. The pouch is the Phantom Administrative Storage Pouch (Khaki), $6.50 from Redwolf.
  12. Phamtom CIRAS Land Version. Looks OD-ish, but it is really khaki. Weighs 10 lbs(4.55 Kilos) when fully loaded. I love it!
  13. Sorry for the thread revivial but......... BAM!
  14. You can, but they fit better in the long ones.
  15. Its G&P. Came with the battery. Got it from UNcompany for $75.
  16. Solo, what is it goin to take for you to stop? Its not fair! Awsome pics man, awsome.
  17. Where did you get that display stand?
  18. So, after spending $500 or mone on a pistol/GBB, does it actually shoot any better?
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