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  1. Holy christ, that's the most realistic airsoft pistol I've seen to date. Honestly if that didn't have the Marushin trademarks I would have thought it was real.....
  2. Nice! I like how you still preserved the 416 under the Magpul stuff, optic and PEQ-15, most people go over the top but I think your gun is a great balance.
  3. "Surprised no one has mentioned the AFG yet. Newly released from Magpul, the Angled Fore Grip. Bit funky looking, but knowing Magpul, it's practical. The AFG is 1913 / Picatinny rail compatible and will come in MAGPUL standard colors (Black, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green , Foliage Green). It is reported to retail around $35."- Rogue Element from TNairsoft. For more on the AFG check out here (I don't want to copy and paste the article here since I do not have permission from the author yet): http://www.tnairsoft.com/forum/viewtopic.p...=86&t=16858 Pictures of it:
  4. That's sick! Good work man!
  5. Thanks Corps! The only turn off to me is the crane stock, I just can't stand how they shoulder. That'll probably be swapped for the ACS stock here shortly and I'll rock a buffer tube Lipo. The TT Brake knock off is from CA, the CA SR-25 URX's ship with them installed from the factory.
  6. Soon to be mine (gah, I hate waiting!): Just a few thoughts of what I might add in the future; Magpul ACS stock Magpul MIAD VFC replica PEQ-15 Swap the rail covers for Magpul XTM covers or stipple the KAC covers Troy battle sights
  7. Let me take a quick stab at this; hkssr?
  8. Skirmished my KSC aaaaand Jonathan Higg's KWA MP7 yesterday. Yes, dual wielding fun. Used strictly propane in both guns, ran Madbull .4g BB's through them both and tweaked their hopups. Handled the .4's extremely well, the range and accuracy was insanely good. Distances were around 120-150 feet. My KSC chronoed in around 390, and actually hit 420 on the very first shot on a fresh magazine that was left to bake in the sun for a half hour while conversing with others. Jonathan Higg's KWA came in at just around the same (385-390), didn't bother to test with a freshly warmed up magazine thou
  9. Ah! That makes quite a bit more sense, thanks for clearing that up. I'll keep that in mind about the KWA/KSC compariosn. Totally forgot my local shop here, Nashville Airsoft, is going to be receiving the KWA MP7's soon as they clear customs. Will be interesting to compare these side to side. Anyone who manages to do this beforehand though, please post it up!
  10. Well, the Germanic crowd has already got their hands on the KWA/Umarex version to my knowledge so that's where I would assume they would have seen both versions. That's too bad to hear. Hopefully RA-tech or another parts manufacturer (maybe KWA will release this part in their pro-shop?) will fill this niche soon to allow for use of fully auto, green gas use.
  11. Alright, just out of curiosity since I am now eagerly awaiting my KSC MP7, how many of you guys who own KSC MP7's have run prolonged use of green gas without blowing a cylinder? Has anyone blown a cylinder by using JUST 134A? Are the replacement cylinders that are available 100% green gas useable? Also, to you Umarex/KWA MP7 owners who have seen/handled a KSC in depth, is there any noticeable difference between the two versions?
  12. Nice looking gun there Vicious. Out of curiosity, where did the Noveske 10" rail, VFC 416 sights and EOtech 551 replica go to? I really dig the M733 handguards, I'd suggest swapping the stock to a CTR in FDE if you run the handguards.
  13. Yes sir! I saw 2 or 3 WE M4's, a few WA based and a ton of externally powered- mostly SP's with DG internals, a few Asahi and an Escort or two. I ran a chrono station (Went as "Shadow Force"/staff) so I got to shoot and hold all the cool guns.
  14. No big dealio man, they were awesome and had a sickening ROF when hooked up to an 11.1v Lipo. Hope you enjoy that WOC, it needs a bit of true GBB tuning love and I'm sure you'll give it what it needs.
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