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  • Airsofter since
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    Classic Army G36K w/G&P handguard, G&P carry handle


    -KSC Glock 19 w/G&G Metal Slide+Barrel(custom fitted)every upgrade available
    -TM Desert Eagle Hard Kick

    ~Old Guns~
    -CA M15A4 RIS w/Vertical Foregrip, SOCOM Silencer, Harris Bipod and NCSTAR 45mm Red Dot
    -CA MP5A4 w/Guarder Lighted Foregrip
    -TM MP7
    -TM Tactial Master
    -TM M9 Military
    -KSC Glock 19 w/KSC Metal Slide+Barrel
    -KWA Glock 19
    -2x KWA Glock 18c
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    United States

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    Sniper Sam13
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    New York
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    ~Airsoft~, Tennis, Movies, Games........
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