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  1. Pedro30

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    What site is that? Is that DD's official website, I was browsing for that but couldn't find it, could you provide a direct link.
  2. Pedro30

    G&P GBB M4A1 family

    Would you say your WA setup was very practical?
  3. Pedro30

    Glock Picture Thread

    Very nice, the Prog4 slide doesn't look as nice as the boomarms
  4. Pedro30

    Glock Picture Thread

    Nice glock but the HK box doesn't fit at all...
  5. Pedro30

    G&P GBB M4A1 family

    Speedloaders do not work with the G&P without an adaptor, which wasn't included and I can't find anywhere. Their feed lips are not the same as an AEG magazine. Fun is a pro when using the GBBr, but are there any other advantages of using a GBBr when compared to an AEG? You can't share magazines with your teammates, it cost alot of money to run (70-100 dollar mags) even upgrades are quite expensive (100 bucks for a tightbore), if your worried about range TM rifles have great hopup. Unless your willing to spend alot of money, you won't have a good setup using the G&P GBBr. For me, I usually bring 6 midcaps and a highcap into a skirmish, that is 7 magazines, with almost 1k in rounds. With the G&P, lets break it down. G&P M4 RIS - 750 shipped or plain M4 - 550 Magazine- 6x S-type cost around 480, or 6 normal for 600 That is a 1k- 1.5k setup, how many people here can honestly say they can just drop 1.5k into a rifle and 6 magazines? The only reason I suggest the WE is because it is cheaper to run, it still has all most of the same disadvantages of the G&P/WA. I'm not bashing on the GBBr, i'm just stating facts and trying to be reasonable. If you guys can stop being bias towards the GBBr and look at it purely from a objective stand point you will see that an AEG is better than a GBBr IN TERMS OF SKIRMISH. In terms of fun and training there is NO DOUBT that the GBBr reigns supreme, but if your looking for a main skirmish rifle, this is not the thing to be looking at. The GBBr is skirmishworthy, but it is not very practical for being a everyweek skirmisher. All in all, it all comes down to what makes the buyer happy.I'm really happy with mine and that is what counts. Just trying to answer slu's question about field performance, since that seems to be a deciding factor of whether he buys it or not. Here are my ratings: Skimisher- 5/10 Personally- 10/10 (not gonna spend 700+ on something I don't like) Collector- 8/10
  6. Pedro30

    VFC KAC PDW Review

    How long is the stock? If you compare the PDW stock to a M4 collaspable stock, what position would it be? IE M4 stock totally collapsed would be P1, second position would be P2, P3 etc..
  7. Pedro30

    G&P GBB M4A1 family

    I meant to say GBBr not GBB in general. I'm trying to say, if your looking at a PURELY SKIRMISHING mindset, AEGs are the better choice by far. GBBrs are accurate but with the blowback, you still lose accuracy. The pros of the GBBrs still do not outweigh the cons in terms of SKIRMISH, parts, cost and dependability, my G&P M4 has bad cooldown affect. BTW it didn't come with a speedload or a loading tube, so good luck reloading on the field, especially if your not willing or financially sound enough, which i'm not, to spend 100 dollars on each magazines. Sometimes it is about how many rounds you can shoot, aren't US infrantry tactics about fire supremacy and maneuvers? WE would be the better skirmishing choice over the G&P and WA, but I do not have a WE, nor would I want a GBBr to skirmish with, but it is what ever makes you happy. If you like to skirmish with a GBBr by all means go for it, just bring an AEG as a backup . If skirmishing is your number one priority, then I suggest you look else where. If you want something different and fun, or even as a training rifle, a GBBr is excellent in those categories.
  8. Pedro30

    G&P GBB M4A1 family

    Since the prime is made for the WA, and the G&P is based on the WA, I think they would fit. AEGs have ambi controls also, VFC's KAC rifles are all fully ambidextrous. Getting a VFC aeg wouldn't be a bad choice if your gonna skirmish. If your gonna skirmish, you should get an AEG. These WA magazines are pretty low cap and they cost alot, but RA-tech is developing a low costing magazine, but who knows when they will turn up. GBBrs are fun, but they are quite costly to run. If skirmishing and performance on the field is your number 1 priority, then should shouldn't be using a GBBr. AEG>GBBr in skirmishing there is no proving it wrong. I really don't see any pros GBBs have against AEGs in skirmishing, hmmm I just can't think of any
  9. Pedro30

    G&P GBB M4A1 family

    What website is that? I just bought a G&P M4A1 from redwolf and i would like to know... I will post some pictures when I get it
  10. Pedro30

    Glock Picture Thread

    Quick question on the KSC G26 metal slide, are they engraved or is it laser etched. PGC released a G19 slide!?!?! Where can I get it, I've been wanting a engraved G19 slide for such along time. The G&G and SDs are never instock...

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