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  1. Only when you take out a mortage out of your house to buy it.
  2. And you obviously never seen it either, because costa never used SR15 with the 2 lights. The only time the SR15 was show was during the cleaning and transporting video...
  3. Did that just come out, haven't seen it avaliable at redwolf or unco? I would like to add one to my collection of HK weapons hehe.
  4. It means making textures with a sodering iron. Check out the 2011 thread, there are tons of examples of stippling. I personally find stippling looking creepy, because it reminds me of seared human flesh...
  5. are those real pictures?
  6. The noveske is beautiful, the diablo is an aquired taste
  7. What kind of pistol is that spartan?
  8. Really? I never had experiance with that rail and I wanted to get one, but how does it work to block off the gas tube? Could you provide a picture?
  9. quick question about that rail, can you have the gas block with the pipe thingy on it? I heard with the madbull stuff, it isn't possible
  10. yeah then they would get sued by PTS saying it is there intellectual propertyto make the gas pmag...
  11. OMG that thing is beautiful, extremely beautiful!!!!!!
  12. What site is that? Is that DD's official website, I was browsing for that but couldn't find it, could you provide a direct link.
  13. That magpul rifle looks really good tom!
  14. what made you choose orange as a base color for the SPR
  15. Would you say your WA setup was very practical?
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