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  1. Took a leap of faith and ordered a TM 1911a1 with one mag. 240$ (incl shipping) from Airsoft Global. Aftermarket parts plus legendary status did it for me, but I`ll keep a close eye on the 5-7 and maybe in a year or so I will buy one.
  2. I`m torn between the 5-7, the 1911 and the P226, all from TM. The 5-7 because it`s something new and exotic, and due to the fact that I love internal hammer pistols. Also it holds a good reputation for accuracy and realism. Those things are very important to me, due to the fact that I`m more of a plinker and a collector. But what`s holding me back is whatI`ve read here and some other forums of the slide stripping itself, and the weak hopup chamber. The 1911 because of the upgradability and the reputation it holds in the community. Also I like the clasic style of it. Also Laser grips:wub:
  3. Sooo it`s a year later... would you reccomend this pistol? I`ve read some of the problems, but I might be willing to put up with it as long as it`s not a problem that could`ve been easily avoided and is hard to fix.
  4. Looking for a ultra compact gbb. G26, PPK, Detonics... what to do what to do....

  5. Just ordered a bunch of parts. Hera kit, G&P foregrip, a red dot sight, and 2 valves, plus some magpul speedplates. Thinking about using my KSC G18 in the Hera kit and my upgraded KSC G17 as a sidearm in cqb. Gonna post some pics when I`m done. I ordered from Airsoft Global. 206$ incl. shipping to Norway.
  6. Ok I think I want a MP7, wich one should I get? It`s pretty confusing having 3 diffrent types. So wich one would you reccomend. The KWA, KSC Japan or the KSC Taiwan? Airsoftglobal seems to have all 3 types in stock, but I`d rather prefer to order from HK rather than from the US.
  7. Nice guns everybody. Awesome M2 mccrage. I myself am fanycieing a WE P08, but I heard so much good and so much bad about them I don`t know what to think =/. I am looking for a highly realistic WW2 replica up to 300$. Pistols or AEGs, but I prefer pistols. So much to choose so little money.
  8. InexcelsisDeo: I hereby demand(!) more pics of the Type 97 please. I fell in love with this gun, and gonna order one as soon as i get my paycheck.
  9. works for me. simple but effective.
  10. first armalite, and a ton of problems http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...p;#entry1944990
  11. if i`m not totally wrong it`s for higher gas pressure when it`s released.
  12. The biggest downer is no markings at all. It`s a KWA/KWC G17. I`m gonna get me a CA MP5A2 to complete my Norwegian NCSS kit.
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