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  1. Here's the fruits of my evenings labours, I'd been looking to cut down the front end of my M4 since purchase but wasn't sure what to do with it being ICS and my M4 knowledge being rather poor. So with instructions from a friend I discovered it was merely a case of 3 grub screws and good to go. I decided tonight I would merely unscrew the 2nd half of the outer and replace with a suppressor I had spare, as it happens it's the perfect length of the inner barrel! So later project is to take my spare barrel from the AK bits and chop down slightly further, with investment in something different
  2. Ah yes indeed that might do the trick, would you happen to know what brand of donor lr300 would require the least mods to fit? I'm aware the ics has their own thing going on with stock tube sizes, not really looking to mod the stock adaptor too much in case I move back to standard again Sent from my C6603 using Tapatalk
  3. Taken at the last POW game, using a friend's L85 LSW for this one. The smoke pictures were taken as I grabbed a smoke that had fallen short to push it up the field and move towards the bridge objective.
  4. My latest acquisition, an ICS 145 sportline. Its the first M4 Ive had in around 7 years after a long time spent with AK's and a few other different things. Thus far she sits as she arrived but I'd like to get a new flip down sight up front. After that Ill play with stock options, tried a crane stock for the first time last month and fell in love with it for ergonomics. However my primary need is to be able to drop the length of the rifle dramatically as a moments notice, which is why I opted for the side folder. Other future plans are fitting of some sort of magnification purely for whats-that
  5. Some more piccytures from the last months play
  6. Just a bone stock DE M56AL, wouldnt mind trying an 870 stock on it but little idea how at this moment in time. Have to say I'm rather unimpressed by the range, has anyone been able to coax a bit more out of these things?
  7. HA! I wondered if there would be a solid snake on here, just too lazy to check. Liking the 47 look
  8. Its finally happened, after many years of waiting I finally got my '74! Hopefully better pics to follow soon. G&G RK103, only issue with it has been mag compatibility as some have put up a fight to lock in but working on filing the down now
  9. The only issue I have with the chest rig is that it creeps up quite a bit when moving from cover to cover and keeping crouched. Aside from that the only stabbing I get is from the car keys which have to be angled a certain way to avoid mid game squealing. Overall though way more room on that thing than I need or know what to do with, I can happily play all day with a single double pouch on a leg rig.
  10. Cheeky *frootcagio*! Aye theres 2 speed loaders in the shotgun shell pouch, 1 dedicated to ammo bags/ tape for mon "XBOXHUEG" mags and the rest on mags themselves. Did a bit of experimenting on Sunday after getting caught out on a reload I got busy with the tape, now rocking 2 double mids, 1 mid/hi, a single hi and a double hi-cap, as pictured. Ive found keeping the centre of that rig clear allows for going prone without any bother at all, deadly piece of kit I must say and has been on the go for around 4 years.
  11. DeltaZero that first pic looks aaannnnngggrrryyy, love it A selection of mine from Sundays game, some seriously dark bits in the woods up at Players Of War, but damn good fun
  12. You have a keen eye sir! It's PoW, only place I've been to over here in Scotland and its a decent day they run
  13. From yesterday's game. True to form Fireknife the Scottish weather stayed... scottish.
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