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  1. It may not be the prettiest pattern out there, but IMO it looks like it'll do the job fine.
  2. My first entry into this thread which is actually a doodle and not a srs-bizniss drawing.
  3. Those are terrific photos! How did you get that effect?
  4. @ pjones Was that a serious attempt? I ask because, in my opinion, it has a quaint cartoony feel to it.
  5. http://spacepanzer.deviantart.com/art/The-offering-142180707 and no need to remind me of the spots I missed >_>
  6. *ahem* You, sir, have a Barret. You need not be envious of anyone. (Ill get pics up in a few minutes)
  7. Its a G&G sportline, bone stock with the exception of a systema hopup, to those who care. The bipod is only there to make it stand for the photos ( plus, it kinda looks cool folded up under the barrel ) As for the Vert grip, Ive had no problems with it so far and Im bordering on being in the red, so if it aint broke why fix it? And Ill probably take you up on the BUIS eventually. Thanks I have a PEQ coming soon to house the battery. I also plan to get a longer TBB and a silencer to hide it. If I come accross some money in the future, an aimpoint magnifier m
  8. Now she's starting to look like a gun Please ignore the bipod. Tis for posing purposes only. I tried to make this one kinda artsy or something by blurring the backround but I failed >.>
  9. Yeah, the pocket on the guy's in the front was thorwing me off. As soon as m@tt saib RBA i Did a facepalm. Oh well, leave it to me to be entirely wrong
  10. PASGT helmet PASGT vest (I think) ALICE Was there a guy in particular you were looking at? Because I think I spy some woodland IBAs in the back.
  11. Who here likes Angry Marines? http://fc02.deviantart.com/fs46/i/2009/242...spacepanzer.jpg (slight profane language use) spacepanzer.deviantart.com
  12. Why isnt anyone posting their velcro michs in the spec ops helmet thread? o.0
  13. I think YOU look like popeye
  14. Dark, where Im from, it is very rude to liken one's doodle to Popeye. I am shocked and appauled.
  15. I know I shouldntve bothered with the watermark because no one would prolly want to steal my work, but Im really proud of this one and ya never know ^-^ I call it "Tyrannosaurus Reich"
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