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  1. Pillman, I was under the impression airsoft was illegal in Israel, is this not the case?
  2. I didnt realize UK power limits for airsoft rifles applied to Air rifles or that simply because the UK limit is 328 fps that applied to discussing guns with higher power levels since this board is visited by members from around the world.
  3. I was just curious to see who out their owns airguns and also what types of them are available in the UK, post some pictures
  4. would someone care to post up a video of their PTW fireing please?
  5. I cant say I know anything about those, what are static rounds? Are they for blank shooters or something similar to that?
  6. Great googlymoogly, that is some of the greatest information I have ever seen. So Snowman since you seem to have quite a bit of knowledge on older airsoft replicas, do you think you could type up a short history on airsoft for all of us to read? I am intriuged by these 7mm replicas, could you please post pictures of your other older replicas if you have any.
  7. Snowman, would those be airsoft replicas or what?
  8. yes thats what I was reffering two, sorry if I misused the lingo as I dont own a classic myself, beatifaul replicas everybody.
  9. was there or is their an airsoft version of the British SLR rifle avalible? I think it would be a terrific gas powered replica to have but in gbb format not bv.
  10. wow such great stuff, can anyone tell me ive heard classics have amazing range with certain upgrades, how far can they shoot.
  11. Whitedingo, what kind of m1 carbine is that? Does it eject shells? Bladreunner awesome stuff once again. Keep um coming guys, has anyone ever owned a toy gun called the Johnny seven OMA my dad was telling me about it, he had it when he was a kid. It was like seven toy guns in one. Well it was long since thrown out by my grandmother, anyone have pictures of one?
  12. How did the fal's fire dummy rounds? I dont see anywhere to load the rounds, what were they powered by, how were they cocked? Can you post a video of those beasts in action?
  13. haha thats some truly great stuff bladerunner, anyone who wants to post old school reallistic toy guns your welcome to as well I suppose they are in some ways airsofts predecessors. Did those models fire anything or wee they simply noise makers?
  14. terrific pics bladerunner keep them coming guys. When I say classics I mean older airsoft guns, generally gas long rifles but if you ahvea ny of the recntly realeased gas rifles like the sps I would be happy to see those as well. Also older gbb handguns are welcome.
  15. Well I had not seen a picture thread created for classic wepaons and I think they deserve one. So if you have a classic airsoft gun please post it here. I wanna get a look at aisrofts history.
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