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  1. Some pictures for the SA80 picture thread concerning the Madbull Daniel Defence RIS. Pictures posted on another thread
  2. Erik Cartman

    MB #DDSA80

    fitting problems MADBULL SA80 RIS onto G&G SA80 (L85A2)
  3. Just had a look on youtube, it appears that only the ejection port cover is moving. There isn't a moving bolt like the Western Arms M4s. Is that correct?
  4. Still don't understand. How would open bolt be more pleasing to the eye? I don't believe the real KAC PDW fires from open bolt position. (The real INGRAM and M249 SAW fire from open bolt position. )
  5. Does anyone know about the differences between the open bolt and closed bolt versions? Normally, a closed bolt is more stable and desirable. Open bolt config of the INGRAM significant contributed to its inaccuracy. Since a GBB doesn't need an open bolt to cool the breech, I can't understand why moving to an "open bolt" design is an improvement.
  6. Seems to be bringing the price in line with the Umarex branded mags. Anyone knows if the Umarex mags are more powerful than the KSC mags? (I only have the Umarex included with the gun).
  7. Not sure how many kinks the bevel gear has inside the ARES Tavor. I've see as little as 2 from a TM gb and as many as 5 somewhere else. The pistion can stop on any of these kink positions after one cycle. How does the G&G SA80 when and where to stop the piston anyway? The STAR SA80 has spring release integrated to the fire selector lever, but it is not supposed to "pre-cock".
  8. Had my ARES "Standard" version Tavor for couple of weeks and skirmished twice with it. Went through a bag an a half of TM 0.2g bbs, using a Battleaxe M4 type electric double mag. Chronos at a bit less than 330fps and about 11 rps. Grouping good enough to get a torso sized target at 100ft. Fitted a micro aimpoint to it. One observation, the spring is always loaded after firing. Is the spring supposed to be pre-cocked like the G&G SA80? Is that why there the bolt catch is doubling up as the spring release switch? I can't really tell that the gun is firing the bb at the instant when th
  9. PTS PMags are not latching too well. Need to engage the feed tube end first and then rock back to latch on the mag catch on the Tavor frame. The mag catch could use a stronger spring. The Magpul Green Label mags snaps in easily, likewise with the STAR 120rnds SA80 mags.
  10. I find the pistol grip is ergonomically too short. Anyone else second that?
  11. What's the big deal? Trilux_light_source.tiff It isn't really that hazardous if one doesn't break it.
  12. Try to take out the Trilux.
  13. Not likely to be the micro switch. It either works (makes and breaks contact) or it doesn't. Likely to be the pushrods or cut-off lever. (Only speaking from experience with the SA80)
  14. Without naming names, most of the usual suspects have stock. (I just looked) The prices are half of what they used to be a year or 18 months ago.
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