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  1. whats the difference between a regular bandage and a crepe bandage, in terms of how they are used.

    A crepe bandage is usually a heavier cotton/viscose mixture that has some elasticity/stretchyness, useful for using over pressure type dressings on longer term problems like skin ulcers or for support of strains and sprains.

    Plain cotton bandages are for covering/holding dressings in place, support/immobilisation/padding for injuries or holding together all the fixtures and kit that's falling apart in the back of an NHS ambulance.

  2. also on a side note whats the difference in inner barrel length between a 36c and a 36k? if its significant that might have to be an upgrade for my 36c :D




    I've got a C and a K, I don't notice any difference in performance between the two barrel lengths. When they were both standard they fired within 4 fps of each other and I couldn't tell a difference in range/grouping in normal skirmish use.



  3. http://www.rsov.com/index.php?target=produ...product_id=2074


    is this drum mag any good. my google-fu has failed me.



    It looks like a copy of the Hero Arms C-mag, I have the HA mag, fed well with excell .02, but the plastic seemed brittle and the cut down G36 mag bolted to the top collapsed while I was loading it, the spring that pushes the ammo out of the drum into the feed mech is really strong and puts a lot of load on the mag when you have to hold it back while loading, I think I must have been twisting it too much or something.



  4. post-5674-1182616521_thumb.jpg

    how do the CA launchers attatch ?


    if you dont have the full length grip, are you resigned to RIS attachment ?


    edit - ahh ok just saw you get the foregrip with it aswell. hmmm


    wonder if i can fit a long foregrip to a 36K ? can anybody get a pic of that please ? just a G36K with the full length foregrip, attached launcher or not.


    The full length fits straight on, they're all interchangable between the three different length G36s. I use a full length grip with bipod on my k.


  5. Ok I just got my first airsoft gun and I picked the TM G36C.


    what is the optimum length of inner barrel for a G36E? would it hurt to just buy a tightbore at the K length and install it so I won't have to buy a 3rd barrel if I get a K front end at some point?

    The ported cylinder on the C will lose you fps if you put in a barrel any longer than the K length (355mm), I had one that was 60mm longer than this and I gained 8-10 fps chopping it down to the right length. I tried a 509mm (closest I could get at the time) for a full length barrel and that only gave about 270fps on the ported cylinder, you need to change the cylinder to run a full length barrel, so sticking to K length will do the job.

  6. post-5674-1121727769_thumb.jpg

    This is how my G36 looks now. I still can't make up my mind which carry handle to get, I fancy the Star one with the rail instead of red dot, but the optics have bad reviews. Wonder if its OK for a US dealer to send a real steel one to UK?

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