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  1. The only things I really want to add is a dump pouch, a couple pistol mags and, a grenade pouch. I don't need kneepads since I have foam inserts for the trousers. Everything else on my loadout is taken from pics of the real deal. No Optics Didn't want a Safariland since I was putting the holster on my FSBE. Flightsuit wasn't part of the look I was going for, nor were CB pouches. I 'd like to replace the Hi-cappa with a 1911 but, I just got a new Glock19. So that's not gonna happen anytime soon. With the gasmask, I've seen a couple pics where it looked like it was p
  2. Spent some time yesterday, screwing around with a picture...
  3. Um.... yeah..... Go back out and get some Krylon "camouflage" green paint.
  4. To expliain the "Polizie" yelling. The arms deal was between some Russians and some Germans. If a team was really loud coming up the hallway. A German bodyguard would be sent to check on 'the noise'. It was the bodyguard who would shout "POLIZEI!" He's the same bodyguard with the laser.
  5. CQB (Close Quarter Battles), CQC (Close Quarter Combat). Take your pick wich one you like best. Six in one, half dozen in the other.
  6. Here's video from the competition. http://www.airsoftpacific.com/movies/cqc4_...lights_high.wmv
  7. Here are some pics from a CQC competition we had last weekend. There were eight teams that competed. Local airsoft players filled acting roles in three different scenarios. Seagreen briefing one of the teams There's some more here http://www.airsoftpacific.com/gallery/main...=8472&g2_page=1
  8. My new Classic Army SAR Offizier M41FS
  9. You can also find it at Crafts stores. Or at stores like Wal-Mart and, Fred Myers. In the craft section.
  10. It is a very effective camo in the right terrain. Also for those that haven't seen it. They used a version of it in Red Dawn. (made just for the movie)
  11. This is the latest version of my M4. I replaced the A2 upper and repainted it.
  12. Boots are bloused. I just prefer them low. Also no need for knee pads. I have foam inserts for the trousers.
  13. Why not just use a Clear Flat Finish Spray?
  14. Just for the record...I was done playing and the Hoodie was the dryest and warmest thing I had. We use red to indicate a person isn't an active participant ie. either dead or taking pictures. (like I was) That's why I was wearing the hat. It was Oregon's largest game 188 in attendance This is me (on the left) and two friends durring a break in the game.
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