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  1. MS3 Race

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Oh wow. That's interesting. Do you know if maybe the fapc were older versions? The DBT website states that both med and large are 10" x 12". Before I got mine, I called to confirm that because it seemed bizarre to me, but DBT said it was the way that it was. Maybe the newer ones are like that. Either way, if planning on getting one, CALL DiamondBack Tactical and verify all of this, as they will help select the proper measurements.
  2. MS3 Race

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    With the DBT FAPC, you decide your size based on your plate size. The medium and the large are actually the same size, because they fit the same sized plates (10" x 12" plates), meaning they cover the same amount of area on your chest. The only difference being in the shoulder straps. The large has longer straps than the medium. I'm 5'11 around 180lbs w/ athletic build and I had a medium size, and I had the shoulder straps on the shortest position. Considering the fact that most people use their PC's entirely too low on their body, I'd recommend getting a medium because you can elongate the PC quite a bit with the straps. You may want to call DBT as well to find out what they recommend. Another thing to keep in mind, is that the FAPC has JUST enough material to cover the plate, therefore the sizes tend to run slightly small. For reference, cut out some cardboard or paper in the plate size, and add maybe an inch to every side, and that's about how much coverage you're going to get with the FAPC. It is designed to be a normal plate carrier, very much like what you see with regular vests that only take plates, with the exception that they added molle webbing to allow carrying pouches if desired. Continuing with the fact that most people run their PC's too low, if you ran the FAPC correctly, you'd have MORE than enough room for a battle belt underneath it, allowing for more molle real estate if needed. It is not at all uncomfortable to run a PACA underneath it as I did in my pictures. If anything, it secures the FAPC even more against your body. Be aware that it WILL get hot in summer conditions and you will suffer from heatstroke if not properly hydrating. If you are rather heavy for your height, then it may get a little bulky, but it's still manageable considering it's a lower-profile(d) rig to begin with. Hope this helps.
  3. MS3 Race

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Yeah I sold it not too long ago. I'm feeling some remorse. Indeed the pictures a quite old; except for the independent MC io pictures. Those were from a few days ago.
  4. MS3 Race

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Blackwater IO Plate Carrier in Multicam Blackwater IO Plate Carrier in Khaki [i'll be adding another m4 pouch to balance it out] Diamondback Tactical FAPC in Ranger Green
  5. MS3 Race

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Yes I did post them on ASB. And thank you, I love the bandoleer as well. So lightweight. The balaclava is from DBT. And yeah I thought about getting an ESS profile, but I never did. These work for now so maybe ESS's in the future. Thanks for the input! It is indeed an IO PC. It is not backwards. The blackwater IO PC's have buckles both in the front and in the back. I took the front buckles off because they were getting the way. You can indeed buy the c-bund separate, but most likely only on ebay from private owners. You won't find them in MC at all because they discontinued the MC IO PC's. You have a chance of finding them in other colors, although I wouldn't get too excited because if you do indeed find one, chances are the price will be racked up high because you can no longer get these vests.
  6. MS3 Race

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    NOTE: The shirt I'm wearing with the bandoleer is not white, it is beige. Also, I am aware that I am wearing sandals, but I did not feel like putting on boots. Finally, I don't have my equipment on my gear, so try to imagine mags, radio, headset, etc.
  7. MS3 Race

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Diamondback Tactical FAPC [ranger green] TAD Bandoleer [multicam] I know it doesn't carry plates, but whatever. Blackwater IO Plate Carrier[multicam] (apologies for poor photos) Sorry for the hicup in picture #2. Photobucket does not like my pictures and messes them up sometimes

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