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  1. rudysw2

    Airsoft Shopping in Hong Kong

    Many thanks mate - greatly appreciated. I've given Guns n Guys a wide berth for a a few years because of their snotty attitude but Tokyo Model are a good bunch of blokes. I'm avoiding travelling to HK until well after the after Golden Week (trying my best to avoid the Mainland hordes ), so hopefully the TM version will have landed... Cheers
  2. rudysw2

    Airsoft Shopping in Hong Kong

    Thanks a lot mate - I'm hearing there's a bit of an MP7 drought in HK, though. Kevin from Toy Soldier suggested Den Trinity on the off chance and Ming from Spartan Airsoft said he hasn't seen any for a while...
  3. rudysw2

    Airsoft Shopping in Hong Kong

    Any HK-based lads have any idea if Den Trinity, or anywhere else in HK for that matter, have GBB MP7s in stock..? Cheers
  4. rudysw2

    Airsoft Shopping in Hong Kong

    They were 2 weeks ago.
  5. rudysw2

    Custom Patch Orders

    BritKitUSA Custom Patch Orders
  6. rudysw2

    Airsoft Shopping in Hong Kong

    Anyone know which shops around Kwong Wah street stock Modify parts? Cheers
  7. Cheers re the positive comment mate :D

  8. rudysw2

    Pics of your Gear

    Nice kit, mate...
  9. rudysw2

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    UKSFesque HPC...
  10. rudysw2

    Airsoft Shopping in Hong Kong

    No affiliation, but good service deserves getting the word out... Shootercbgear now have a shop in the "gun street" area. Have to say that Ben's service is great. I asked for HKD prices on some Flyye gear and he got back to me straight away. I told him when I'd be in HK and he said he'd keep the stuff for me. Given my past customer service experience in the area, I thought "Yeah, right..." But fair play to Ben, though, I walked into the shop, asked for him, told him who I was and he pulled out a bag with my gear from behind the counter. And there was no "Well, actually the price is higher than what I told you in my e-mail" nonsense. Top bloke. I haven't ordered online from him, but if you find yourself in HK, he's worth getting touch beforehand. Also, a thumbs up for Jeff at Royal Tiger. I wanted some Pantac gear from him but he doesn't have a store. I arranged to meet him at an MTR station (HK subway) and he turned up bang on time with my bits. Can't say if he'd be up for doing that on a regular basis, but he's clearly willing to go out of his way. And while I'm on a roll, Tokyo Model are always decent any time I'm in their store... Again, no affiliation to any retailer - just trying share positive experiences with fellow PD enthusiasts...
  11. rudysw2

    Airsoft Shopping in Hong Kong

    Can anyone HK-based suggest a store other than Red Wolf where I can pick up a Pantac HPC? Cheers
  12. rudysw2

    Airsoft Shopping in Hong Kong

    I did my WE GBB shopping in Armed Forces and in my opinion they had a good selection of items. At least I got what I needed. Cheers
  13. rudysw2

    Airsoft Shopping in Hong Kong

    Can anyone recommend a place in HK to go to for WE GBB needs? Cheers
  14. rudysw2

    Airsoft Shopping in Hong Kong

    The 3rd's a Saturday, so Mongkok should be the heaving bustle it is as usual. BTW, Yau Ma Tei is a better MTR stop than Mogkok for Gun Street...
  15. rudysw2

    Airsoft Shopping in Hong Kong

    Not the supertightgayspandex look - I've seen those tops on Gun Street for HK$90. It's this one: Anyone with the UKSF bug is going to want to get a set...

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