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  1. Thanks NonEx. I found a retailer who is willing to throw in the MK1 SAI bolt for free and install it for me. Shame about the color on the bolt but I still prefer it over the gas system of the MKII.
  2. Received my SAI CAM870 today and turns out it was the MKII version, despite being advertised as the MKI model by the retailer. Are the version 1s discontinued everywhere? I’ve emailed a few retailers but haven’t any luck. Knew I should’ve picked one up when they came out. Sigh.
  3. And do you mean these for the scope screw? https://www.vainnovation.ca/product/aps-scope-mount-tar-pin-set-for-cam-870-shotgun/
  4. Thanks NonEx! Watched all your videos on the CAM870 on YouTube. Great stuff.
  5. Hey guys, I just picked up an APS SAI CAM870. Are there any side saddles that will work without any modifications that will fit both the shells and onto the gun? If not, are there certain saddles you’d recommend? I’m not a gun tech so not the greatest at mods, and considering how much this gun was, I don’t wanna do anything that will damage it lol. Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, So I use to own a version 1 which I converted with all magpul furniture, sold it and totally regret it. Now I’m thinking of getting another one but see it’s mostly the MKII version sold. Other than the change in now the gun itself being charged instead of the shells, is the MKII that much of a difference/upgrade than the original? Seeing if I should wait for an older version to show up on buy and sell board or pick up MKII.
  7. Hey ya'll, I'm in the process of putting together an AK. Bought the gun and most accessories. Only thing left is the stock. I'm interested in the Zenitco stock. Problem is there's 2 versions: lhttp://www.ebairsoft.com/asura-dynamics-tactical-folding-stock-aeggbb-p-8269.html http://www.ebairsoft.com/no13-tactical-folding-stock-p-8307.html Is there a difference between the two? The Asura cost more but I can't tell from any pictures or descriptions if there's any difference. Tried googling as well for an answer. Any input appreciated.
  8. I have 2 Ospreys and since they were pretty expensive, I didn't wanna risk breaking them. I'd advise just to wait for your kit to come.
  9. You have to buy the ace1 arms osprey tool to adjust it. It comes in a pack with adapters for -14mm and a -16mm. I got mine for $13.
  10. I got this for $70. Came with 2 suppressor, 2 mags and case. Really like the suppressor I have on it. Apparently it's a rarer one modelled after the one Bond uses in Casino Royale. Defintely just a collectors item, not gaming pistol.
  11. I'll probably end up grabbing the proper mount somewhere down the road. Mags and holster is on my to buy list. I also hope they come out with a black version of this pistol.
  12. Also, does anybody know where to get holsters for this thing? To be able to fit a tac light as well?
  13. You're right, it's sitting a bit higher. But the red dot is adjustable. It still works well. And to be honest, I don't really care about this "co-witness" thing. It's airsoft!
  14. Nope. You're forgetting about the raised sights. It matches up pretty well.
  15. My RMR came in and it's finally done!
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