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  1. Anyone know of a spring and spring guide that gives heavy recoil for KSC/KWA G19? Link? Cheers
  2. KWA G19 & CYMA G18c aep. The CYMA works surprisingly well.
  3. Its a KSC MP9 not a TMP.
  4. Is anyone else disturbed by your sig?

  5. Indeed, they are MP7 sights. MP7 sights are very functional with eotech yes.
  6. Good job as always Guinness!
  7. Sweet gun baias WE 1911 railed version, sry for *suitcasey* pic.
  8. Vestaa

    G&P M14 DMR

    Damn, that thing is a beast, gonna buy it next pay check, how accurate is it?
  9. Thats very unique indeed, Ivan.
  10. Nice loadout super hobo, like the combo of that grey jacket and ACU bottom.
  11. What gun is that Jorge, and what parts have you used?
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