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  1. gotten isn't a word I got bored so I did that. [muppet] EDIT: Or is it a word we don't use in England?
  2. The only real combat pics you can get is when you ARE actually in combat [muppet]
  3. Does anyone know where one can get a PLCE in the US... ( Just moved here and left all my gear in the UK ) Edit: Found some stuff on Ebay.com but If anyone can give me a link a decent retail shop that would be great.
  4. Where are you're glasses/googles/mask? Or am I just blind?
  5. On the Retrac stock is the chrome finish on the stock tube default or have you done that yourself?
  6. My Mk18 Mod 0 + M4A1 Colt Body Nice and simple just how I like it.
  7. PynkPanthyr I saw a mate with them in his JG 416
  8. Omg WatZ you lucky *fumbles for words* peh...
  9. I like the paracord version better doesnt look like a ghey lil pink thingymajig.
  10. Nice Victory I just find them a lil overpriced or is it worth it?
  11. You have not got 100posts I presume I maybe wrong though.
  12. Donut you got it wrong theres supposed to be a 1928 Civy Thompson Type Write but I reckon since its not the right size we can go modern can't we Oh and junior I gotta post a couple of mine I can fit an Mp5k in my book
  13. Oh ok I thought it looked a lil to light on the second pic.
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