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  1. gotten isn't a word I got bored so I did that. [muppet] EDIT: Or is it a word we don't use in England?
  2. The only real combat pics you can get is when you ARE actually in combat [muppet]
  3. Does anyone know where one can get a PLCE in the US... ( Just moved here and left all my gear in the UK ) Edit: Found some stuff on Ebay.com but If anyone can give me a link a decent retail shop that would be great.
  4. Where are you're glasses/googles/mask? Or am I just blind?
  5. On the Retrac stock is the chrome finish on the stock tube default or have you done that yourself?
  6. My Mk18 Mod 0 + M4A1 Colt Body Nice and simple just how I like it.
  7. PynkPanthyr I saw a mate with them in his JG 416
  8. Omg WatZ you lucky *fumbles for words* peh...
  9. I like the paracord version better doesnt look like a ghey lil pink thingymajig.
  10. Nice Victory I just find them a lil overpriced or is it worth it?
  11. You have not got 100posts I presume I maybe wrong though.
  12. Donut you got it wrong theres supposed to be a 1928 Civy Thompson Type Write but I reckon since its not the right size we can go modern can't we Oh and junior I gotta post a couple of mine I can fit an Mp5k in my book
  13. Oh ok I thought it looked a lil to light on the second pic.
  14. Repost sorry I changed some things and anyways I used a 16mm CW thread on the barrel for the sakes of having that certain bolt lying about that day... Its for sale anyways I don't know whether I am allowed to post a link so its in my Signature.
  15. Lol The Crunchy Bunny I was about to agree with you when I saw it was a flashlight 0_o
  16. Lax you MUST BURN INFERNALLY! You have insulted the genius master (who probably makes hitmans cases)
  17. Double Post BUT! If anyone wants this done to their own Thompson i can post up a Porject thread thingy and also I will make the mod for someone (for a [cheap] price).
  18. That is the tits man thats sweet!
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