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  1. That happens to me sometimes if short-stroke it or don't pump with enough force
  2. Putting a pistol brace on an airsoft gun boggles the mind, it's something any real gun owner would happily do away with if they legally could...might as well make a replica of a california compliant ar15 with non-removable magazines while you're at it.
  3. Would look good painted and worn a bit
  4. How difficult is it to convert a Dominator 870?
  5. Will aeg spec rail systems fit these out of the box?
  6. Mine does well in the cold, must be bad QC
  7. I don't think the "purist" meme has been a thing for at least the last 5 years, everyone and their mothers put on all kinds of attachments now.
  8. Well I haven't had that issue with mine or my 4 mags
  9. Any chance you could try shooting them to see how they perform?
  10. I'm actually interested in getting an MKII for reliability, or at least only having to maintain one part constantly rather than every single shell... APS refuse to send anything to Ireland and no retailers seem to stock it Could at least test it to see what power you get and how many shots? Also to see how it's constructed?
  11. They're Cybergun branded but I'm not sure who OEM is, I got it secondhand here on Arnies. I don't think they're made anymore, they seem to be sold out everywhere.
  12. There's nothing cooler to me than a big punch in a tiny package I intend to use it as a primary or secondary to my sniper.
  13. Ace 1 Arms 2nd Gen RMR, 7inch Osprey, Azimuth RMR Mount, Element LLM01 Azimuth 120% Recoil Spring, Maple Leaf Crazy Jet 250mm Barrel and Diamond Bucking. I'm getting crazy range from this set up with .28s, with effective range of 50m (google maps measured) on a recycling bin, roughly the size of a person. I Haven't tried further range, but I don't think there's enough accuracy for repeatable hits. I'm just waiting on a steel slide and it's done.
  14. So that's the OEM, Secutor are very touchy when you ask them who their OEM is, well at least when I asked about their shotguns they were.
  15. What about parts for GEN1? Will they still support those? As far as I remember only the bolts are different between gen 1 and two? And shells of course.
  16. Hmm without some serious custom work you're right, damn. Best I could hope for is having the mag tube extend past the brake.
  17. Do you reckon an extended magazine tube would fit under or past the break?
  18. You'd think they'd hire people who know a basic amount about firearms, rather than having airsoft mag feed lips visible and using a SCAR as a shotgun.
  19. AG1212


    Just got to move the dustcover sight?
  20. Pretty pricey to convert all my shells to smart shells :/
  21. According to a post on reddit people posting pictures of it have been contacted by Krytac...
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