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  1. TBH I got the joke/comment
  2. Alright time to close the thread, that's the best FNX we will ever see... What's the cycling like with the OSPREY? I've been begging for a video of it being fired with one
  3. Personally wouldn't touch it, it's plenty snappy when firing considering the weight of the slide.
  4. Where did you get the LLM-R replica? And holy good-god the only thing you're missing is a G36 to complete the HK goodness.
  5. I'm judging by this photo where they are in the same photo, with the same lighting etc. Not two photos taken by two different cameras with different lighting etc. Take it as you may, but I think they look rather close.
  6. Mine didn't need any work at all, just worked straight out the box (even though it came used from the retailer hmm). I don't find performance bad at all tbh. I think fitment/finish is nice, for those who say trades seem too shallow it looks identical to the RS... I personally prefer it over any TM I've owned. It's down to preference, but it's up to you.
  7. Which PDI barrel are you using? Would love to have this as a main gun.
  8. Must be be a lemon, I've put 1000+ rounds through mine, only failure has been the tiny hop to outer barrel spring. Never had an issue with accuracy or range.
  9. IMO TM's feel nasty. Little wobble yes, but cheap, light plastic. Never got the hype over TM pistols.
  10. Local shop just got black FNX's in store, and they look smexy
  11. Does it work well wit that magnifier? I have the same. I don't suppose you could post a picture of how it looks through the magnifier
  12. aaaaan I just lost the barrel spring somehow
  13. Where did you guys get your inserts?
  14. That is some ace painting right there, what did you use for the hexagonal pattern on the MP9? Stencil?
  15. Hobby Airsoft over here in Ireland has them for 175 euro: http://www.hobbyairsoft.ie/200503-VFC-FNX45-GBB-Pistol I think it is a good GBB out of the box. I have a TM glock and TM 1911, I don't think they're what the hype makes them out to be. The FNX-45 has good range, decent accuracy. Fitting could be better etc, but mine came used out of the box. It's gas consumption is excellent, even in the cold, and that's with a metal slide. I'd say newer production models will have most of the kinks worked out by now, I might get the black version to compare (and a good source of spares and mag
  16. Anyone else's slide/barrel wobbly like a mother *fruitcage*? Also any recommendations on paint for the slide? I'm thinking sand down to bear metal, prep it, lightly spray it with regular black spray, sand it down between each layer, and then spray some coat. Hopefully it won't wear out too quick :/
  17. What did you use for the holster? For that matter, what holsters can you mash a FNX into with a bit of work?
  18. Cheers for the pics gents! Now to justify paying 200e for 3 mags, RMR and Osprey...
  19. Can we get a picture of the co-witness?
  20. My orginal mag is just useless now, the one screw for the baseplate is jammed in there, no amount of dremel will fix it, and thing is leaking :/ There's literally no need for the baseplate, might as well have made it one solid piece.
  21. What did you use to paint the slide? On another note, this video shows that the stock FNX has some pretty good range even stock:
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