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  1. Right, another problem with my MP9 (different MP9 than the one amateurstuntman kindly fixed for me):


    The bolt is very stiff when cocking it for the first time, takes a fair amount of force. Once the hammer is down it cocks just fine. When trying to fire the thing, the bolt doesn't cycle all the way back, and eventually stops cycling whereupon it becomes very stiff once again.


    Anyone have any ideas? I thought it might be the hop-up rubber, but I took that and the barrel out completely. It works a little better, but the issue still persists...



  2. Happens with all magazines, the mag release valves aren't stiff or sticky :(


    Everything looks and functions OK on its own, just when I put it together it fails to fire. The nozzle retracts and you can hear the air-seal, the hammer releases just fine. The only prior issue they have in common is that sometimes when the hammer is cocked whilst in Auto, it will not release when the trigger is pulled. Switching to Semi fixes this, or recocking a bunch of times. Also, when putting the trigger group into the receiver it won't fit if the hammer is cocked whilst in Full Auto. I have to go to semi and then it will fit again. Sometimes the bolt gets a bit sticky too, so perhaps it is getting caught on the hammer roller as you suggested. Then again, I had this issue since I got my first G39 yet it still fired fine until recently.


    I have no idea what causes it, but maybe the two issues are caused by the same thing?
  3. Well I went ahead and got it.


    I still have the odd issue of the magazines not releasing enough gas, or the firing mechanism not releasing enough gas from the magazines. I have no idea which way it is. My gas can is running low so I'll get more to confirm. 


    It's not the firing pin or the valve-locker (well, they're not damaged), so something mustn't be installed correctly, despire me taking both trigger-mechs apart.


    Any ideas?

  4. Well I have the opportunity to buy a second-hand G39c with RA-Tech trigger group and 2 extra mags for 225e incl. P&P AND it includes the original parts. So this way I get to repair my G39, sell one of the two and get 2 extra mags for free. Happy days :)


    However the buyer says it has a few issues:


    ''The bolt doesn't always lock back when empty, but that may be a mag problem. I haven't kept track, but I think one mag isn't able to engage the lock fully. This problem doesn't effect the performance, and I personally never saw this as too big an issue, since it just acts like how an AEG does. But, each to their own.

    Occasionally when you put in a mag, it will double feed BBs and act weird. Simple fix is to just take out the mag, pull the charging handle a couple of times then put the mag back in. Doesn't happen too often, and again I think it may be a mag problem."


    Do you guys think it's genuinely a mag problem? Or something more serious? Also, are RA-Tech parts worth it? I'm just worried about the steel parts eating into the pot-metal bolt.

    Thanks guys.

  5. Stock-till-it-breaks will do I suppose, I mean my WE G39 is still holding up aside from the valve-locker breaking (1000s of rounds, not sure about previous owner). I just like the idea of having FS internals eventually :P


    I think I'll get a local retailer to import one for me, technically individuals importing is now illegal here, although it doesn't seem to be enforced at all yet...


    And yeah the cycle rate on stock WE M4s seems pretty good, maybe a bit better than the G39 from what I can tell.


    I'm not sure what the law here is regarding importing a RS upper receiver, I should probably look into that...

  6. Hmm I hear ye, wen you put it that way it hardly seems worth it anymore. And as you said, I can just sell all the parts I replace.


    So would you reccomend getting a stock WE m4, or going with the RA-Tech custom? http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/other-gun/gas-blow-black-rifle/we/ra-tech-custom-m4a1-ras-gbb-rifle-semi-3rd-burst.html


    I'm going to replace all the internals with steel regardless, so maybe it'd save me some cash/assembly. Then with that I'd replace the lower receiver with an engraved colt receiver, stock, grip and front end most likely. I'd be tempted to get some fancy monolithic upper-receiver too. 


    The only issue with the RA-Tech is that it seems very sluggish when firing. I'd probably end up using CO2 anyway, but what could I do with the buffer to make it a bit snappier? I care more about the cycle rate than recoil.

  7. I thinking of building one of these from scratch in order to save some cash if I can:


    Would this be all the internalls I need apart from the buffer? http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/we-open-chamber-conversion-kit-for-m4a1-gbb-23399.html


    Then the trouble is getting a receiver for it, anyone know where to get one that isn't ridiculously expensive?


    I also want to get an ACE stock for it, but it would seem no-one makes it for the WE GBBR. Would a RS ACE stock work?

  8. Right, it turns out that 'normal' WE valve-lockers don't work in the G39. The G39's valve-locker is wider :( So, anyone know where I can get the original part? WE doesn't seem to respond to emails...

  9. But the hammer seems to function fine apart from pre-existing issues. It drops as hard as it did before, or so far as I can tell.


    And thanks for your help m8, I really appreciate it.

  10. The O-ring was so out of place that the nozzle was stuck in there good. Took it apart, reseated it, and it's all good now. I think I was pressing in the gas cannister a bit too hard.


    EDIT: One problem after another! Here I go again:



    When on semi, it would randomly fire a burst. I suspect this was due to one of mags which is a bit dodgy (the inner, metal part of the mag isn't secured to the plastic housing, and is able to go up into the bolt area). Eventually it jammed two BBs, one into the hop and one in the feed-ramp.


    Then, after all that excitement, my G39 doesn't want to fire any of my mags properly. It only releases a tiny, tiny bit of gas, enough to propel the BB with a decent velocity but not enough to chamber another round. I took it apart and everything seems fine. Could it have something to do with the NPAS?



  11. My mag is leaking out of the fill-valve. Not around the edges, but from the little nozzle itself, like it isn't closing properly after filling. I've taken the mag apart and lubed it, still no luck. Is there anyway to fix it?
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