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  1. Haha thanks! You're more than welcome to =D Thanks! ~Brandon
  2. First time I've ever picked up a spray paint can. Decided to try to make my BAR-10 look more interesting. After about five hours of work, it ended up looking better than I expected Thanks! ~Brandon
  3. Sorry that I'm asking such a random quesion, but when you take the stock off of your AK to make it pistol grip, or to put a folding stock on it, where does the battery go? I want to take the stock off my AK soon, but I would like to read into doing it first. Thanks! ~Brandon
  4. Hello, I am planning on buying the full stock 6mm version of this gun. Thanks so much for making this review, and thanks to everyone who chipped in and added their little bit of information. I was wondering if this would fit on the gun and if it would hinder the performance. http://www.combathunting.com/product.cgi?g...amp;product=247 Thanks! ~Brandon
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