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  1. the.jaguar

    G&P GBB M4A1 family

    SO you guys are saying G&P WOC's upper is AEG spec? I'm about to get a kingarms Troy rail, but I wasn't brave enough to spend my money to find it out EDIT: Ohh just one more thing... has anyone thought about modding a Pmag or VN mag out from a WA mag? if you got any idea how to get started please share it.
  2. the.jaguar

    G&P GBB M4A1 family

    It has been 9 pages on this thread, and I'm surprised that no one has done a review on G&P WOC yet. I am more concerning on the reliability on G&P, if it comes out to be a highly durable GBB like the WE (or even better), I'll place my order right the way.
  3. the.jaguar

    G&P GBB M4A1 family

    How about the internals? does it fix the wear down problems on the previous WA M4?
  4. the.jaguar

    G&P GBB M4A1 family

    I second that. The reason for people given up AEG for GBB is the outstanding reality that nothing in airsoft can replace. WE has no base of reality.
  5. the.jaguar

    G&P GBB M4A1 family

    Does it fits with AEG's RIS? If they accept AEG's RIS, I'll takedown the RIS from my G&P CQBR, and give it to the GBB. p.s. This is a fairly old news, but thanks for sharing.

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