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  1. Rob15

    Your favorite silenced pistols

    I always wanted a Maruzen P99 NBB kit but I've never been in a position to buy one when they've come back into stock anywhere, ended up with a TM Mk23 instead. My favourite is the Tanio Koba USP .40 SD tactical, so much so I own 3 of them with 7 magazines and the matching Tanio Koba suppressor, not the best performing GBB out there but even with the polymer slide the fit and feel of it put most other GBBs to shame, the VFC FN FNX feels like a POS in comparison, it's also fairly quiet for a GBB pistol and has a non-tilting barrel so adding the suppressor doesn't wreck gas efficiency. EDIT : Hnnnng
  2. Rob15

    Alpha-Tec Closed?

    If it works anything like the GR20 then that wouldn't work as the primer goes off immediately and the fuse delay is within the charge itself, time will tell if it's that kind of system though.
  3. Rob15

    Alpha-Tec Closed?

    You must have missed the TLD GR20 aggressor, that was extremely nice but had the issue of odd charges and primers pressed into brass caps that screwed on (likely due to being pistol primers) which from memory went off the moment the spoon flew off. It does look like they are still in production so presumably the charges and primers can still be purchased (how easily I have no idea) but the cost per use was a lot higher than Dynatex a BFG, and right there is the issue with any 'FG' without the 'B' when it comes to airsoft, I sold my GR20 before I ever really got chance to use it and bought an oshiboom and a second Dynatex BFG instead since I already had a few boxes of .380 blanks with more readily available from numerous shops. http://www.lesslethal.com/products/tld001-detail
  4. Using a hand reamer would be your best and easiest bet I think, it'll follow the existing holes and just clean out any excess paint and a small amount of excess metal. Only issue is that you've already had a go at the holes on one so they probably aren't quite so aligned anymore, in which case it'd be a machine job to get them aligned again.
  5. Arnies news page is free as is Popular Airsoft with some requirements for something to be added, the retailer/manufacturer links that are always there are paid for though, some sites may require payment but honestly I'd just ignore those because it's not 2005 anymore as far as airsoft news sites go. I'm always wary of people who ask for sample products to review, in the past I've had some people simply never do the review, in my case thankfully small inexpensive products but now I simply don't provide free review samples to anyone, nor do I give free samples to retailers for the same reason, plenty of people on the blag trying to get some free stuff sadly. If you want to sell anything you're probably going to have to just try a variety of news sites and social media sites. I never really used Facebook because tbh I don't really like it but more recently I am using it more for advertising and it does produce some results, it also doesn't cost me anything, If I can get sales from something I don't like then who's winning? Admittedly it is a lot easier when you don't produce anything remotely gun looking.
  6. Facebook (sadly) really is the primary way to advertise airsoft products now in my experience, followed by Instagram. You do still have the option of news sites/pages such as the Arnies news page, Popular Airsoft etc however neither seem to get quite as much traffic as they used to, Popular Airsoft seems to fall down because they change the front page news/articals twice a day so for those of us who just check the front page and nothing else there is a very limited time frame for something new to be seen. Then there are the forums that are left still, but none have the numbers of users of the old days either now, that said they're still worth trying, just don't expect to shift loads of volume. Other option is to find retailers that might be willing to stock them, but be prepared to offer a decent trade price (retailers have bills to pay, lots of them) and make sure the product is ready to ship within a short timeframe of the order being placed, again, if you find a potential stockist don't expect to shift much in the way of volume, my experience is retailers are buying smaller and smaller quantities of new products now to help their cash flow, in my own experience retailers are buying around 1/5 of the quantity of a new product now than they were 5 or 6 years ago, but if you're doing 3D printed parts that's probably not going to be too much of an issue.
  7. Justpistols was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the topic title, it's always interesting to see what came before all the current available guns. Classic Airsoft forums would be an interesting one, especially since hoses are cool again now
  8. Rob15

    VFC MP7 AEG looks closer and closer

    The R&D process can 'skyrocket' the price of a magazine if said magazine is only compatible with a single AEG and has a much lower potential market. In principle it's fairly simple, if an injection mould to make a regular M4 plastic magazine costs the same as the VFC MP7 magazine (extra parts for the bolt stop may require an additional mould) and you can sell 10x more M4 magazines then the R&D cost per magazine is far lower, we also have no idea how many revisions they've made in the design and prototyping stage whereas a lot of the cheap magazines around are effectivly just clones. Before I got into making airsoft products I used to think there was a tonne of money in it and lots of things were overpriced, now I'm in it I know why a lot of products (but not all) cost what they do and wonder how some manufacturers/retailers keep going, some of course don't. I'm sure VFC have a much better understanding of their costs and the sales potential for the MP7 than any of us, maybe the magazines are priced a bit on the high side but they obviously think the market this MP7 is aimed at will stand the cost and it's not like they're a low end manufacturer anyway. I'm also fairly sure I've paid that kind of price for a good quality magazine in the past for a more generic AEG.
  9. Rob15

    eHobby Asia not so dead...

    Given that virtually everything got sold off and all OOS products have been removed/deleted and most probably won't get restocked it should at least be a lot easier to browse through categories. It'll be interesting to see what does get restocked now, seems as if a lot of what they had listed pre-clearance was discontinued by the manufacturer anyway.
  10. When you wake up on a Monday morning and casually put a deposit on a manual lathe 😶 Waiting for the buyers remorse, hope it doesn't come.

    1. Misfit


      are you still 15

      you need to drink some more milk.

    2. Rob15


      Rob29 just doesn't have the same ring to it though 🤨

  11. Rob15

    Is there ANY shotshow news?

    Especially in a country where the phrases 'school shooting' and 'high capacity magazines' are unfortunately frequently used together, they strike me as a product from a paintballer turned speedsofter with no awareness of all the years of the airsoft industry trying to keep a clean image. If ran a normal airsoft retail business I'd refuse to stock them unless they got rid of the big 'Murder Mags' lettering and renamed them to something a bit less inapproriate.
  12. Rob15

    Is there ANY shotshow news?

    Seems like speedsoft is taking over a bit in the US, which I don't have a issue with in general, but some aspects concern me like the move away from realistic looking kit to brightly coloured guns and gear, and then there's the 'Murder Mags' which seem to be appeared from that side of the airsoft business. I mean really, who thought calling an AR type magazine 'Murder Mags' was a good idea? 🤨 Great looking product named badly imo. Are normal gear and milsim events still going much as before over there?
  13. Bit of a shameless plug here but I've got a VFC FNX sitting in my office, and I also make restrictor discs for that very purpose for the VFC MP7 and they do fit into the loading nozzle perfectly. Obviously as I've only just tested the fit I don't know what kind of FPS reduction figures they'd give but it stands to reason they will reduce the fps without reducing recoil, I found consistancy was much the same as stock in the MP7 so I'd be suprised if the FNX is any different really. Link to said restrictor discs, https://www.leesprecision.com/gbb-internal-parts/cnc-machined-power-restrictor-discs-for-vfc-umarex-elite-force-mp7
  14. Rob15

    VFC MP7 AEG looks closer and closer

    The VFC GBB could have be considered a new system too, although GBB internals are far more forgiving when you're trying to shoehorn them into a new shell than gearboxes are, I'd certainly expect it to be a bit more expensive than a GBB (which was put into production in a former, probably cheaper time) but maybe not that much more, LWA do say pricing is to be confirmed so I'd guess that's what they expect the maximum price would be. To be fair time will tell whether it's worth what it actually ends up retailing for, if it's very robust and reliable then it may be worth the price and it's a given that the externals will be nice, if it's not reliable and there are issues around replacement parts then definately not, imo with most things you can't actually tell if something was a good buy until you've owned it for a decent amount of time.
  15. Rob15

    WE MP5k "Apache" - Initial Impressions.

    The valves are the same as the normal WE pistol valves, but I doubt a DH mod would go well on the MP5 magazines, they are nowhere near as well designed or robust as GHK magazines are but I reckon they'd at least leak before blowing themselves apart.

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