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  1. They still have the over pressure valve in the Mk23 mags, I wouldn't be suprised if a QD spring was considered (it'd make assembly in the factory easier for a start) but opted not to so to avoid looking like they were making guns that are really easy to take over the 1J limit. Personally if I got one I wouldn't even bother changing anything until something broke, imo within the limits of the UK it's not really worth it.
  2. Looks being a subjective thing, but the Krytac looks so much nicer externally imo, probably not helped by the Novritsch being covered in tat in half of the photos but it appears it's a glued together clamshell with fake bolts and nuts like the Tokyo Marui whereas the Krytac looks like it is actually bolted together, I don't like the trigger on the Novritsch P90 either. Nov website mentions coloured accessories coming soon so I'm guessing some of the target market is speedyboys.
  3. Not sure rebrand is quite the right term but his stuff is usually (always?) based on another manufacturers gun with some changes/upgrades made to the standard spec. General opionion seems to be they're overpriced and overhyped for what they are, regardless I'm sure he'll sell enough P90s to have been worth his while but the Krytac looks like it could be fantastic and will no doubt take some of the sales he was hoping for.
  4. I rarely import these days but circa 2006 I imported a couple of NBB Colt .25s and UPS required me to fill out paperwork delcaring what it was, power output (which of course I knew having sneaked into the customs warehouse to chrono them) etc before they'd release them for delivery so it's nothing particually new. I suspect UPS are particually awkward after they got into trouble for carrying printers with bombs in the ink cartridges years back. Importing/exporting/customs declarations are all getting a bit of a shake up at the moment though with more and more countries giving priorit
  5. Unless the stars have aligned and ABS and fibre reinforced nylon have the same shrinkage rates then I wouldn't expect to see old models updated, at least not until moulds for a particular model are due to be replaced which given the niche nature of airsoft probably takes a long time. If we're going to see it happen on any models for the sake of it I'd place my bets on Hi-Capas and Mk23s, one being a constant seller and not particually new and one being insanely popular with speedyboys. EDIT : Quick google shows ABS has a 0.6% shrinkage rate and 30% GF Nylon 66 as 0.4%.
  6. Rob15

    WE New SMG ?

    Yeah that's the pool of "Well I already have a pile of Glock mags" buyers wiped out, looking at the mags it has a strange feedlip stuck on top that really looks like an afterthought, maybe they could make that part available on it's own if the rest of the mag is standard. Still removes the possibility of sharing mags between a primary and secondary though which is what I would want to do.
  7. Rob15

    G&G GTP-9

    Can't vouch for this one although buying one is on the cards but I do have the G&G GPM92 and that really is an excellent GBB imo when it comes to build quality, fit, finish and the price for the set in the nice blow moulded hard case. Hopefully G&G expand the GBB range, I think something like a G&G P226 could be lovely especially if they did one for a similar price to the other pistols. Out of interest does anyone know what the diameter of the outer barrel on the GTP-9 is?
  8. When you wake up on a Monday morning and casually put a deposit on a manual lathe 😶 Waiting for the buyers remorse, hope it doesn't come.

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      are you still 15

      you need to drink some more milk.

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      Rob29 just doesn't have the same ring to it though 🤨

  9. The valves are the same as the normal WE pistol valves, but I doubt a DH mod would go well on the MP5 magazines, they are nowhere near as well designed or robust as GHK magazines are but I reckon they'd at least leak before blowing themselves apart.
  10. I'm not saying reviews on Youtube, or video reviews in general are a bad thing, just that they are now the prefered thing for many people compared to the good old written review, I don't think I'd be wrong in saying it's a simple fact the number of written reviews has declined and the number of video reviews has increased drastically, also well written is very different to well filmed and produced in my mind. Also as you say the review threads here in some cases have a vast amount of follow up information and updates, I'm sure Youtube comments have some too, but reading comments on Youtub
  11. I'm still around, as are a decent number of the old regulars. Facebook I reckon is the main culprit for killing off text based discussion, retailers and manufacturers, including myself have more or less exclusivly moved to Facebook and Instagram which in my view makes a lot of sense, far easier to have a single social media account than trying to manage sub forums on numerous different forums, even if forums regained popularity. Reviews seem to be heavily Youtube based now, I mean, who wants to do a well written review anymore with reasonable to excellent photos? Apart from those of
  12. Products designed and manufactured by Lees Precision Engineering (L.P.E.) in the United Kingdom - www.LeesPrecision.com
  13. Case in point, Sunday, got up and had already lost an hour of the day so didn't end up going to machine any shiny stuff at my workshop and decided instead I'd go today after work at the boring day job as I was finishing early. Got up this morning, everything going fine until I get a text from my manager and realise every single clock has been changed or changed automatically except the one I use for my alarm. Start work an hour late, finish an hour later, no making shiny stuff today either. Screw you DLS! I'll still end up working the same amount of hours in the end, I'm just going to
  14. Surely it can't be that hard to get them? Wera hex-plus imperial hex key sets are what I'd look for, I'd be amazed if no one stocks them domestically. https://www.befr.ebay.be/itm/WERA-PRO-9-Piece-IMPERIAL-AF-Stainless-Steel-Hex-Ball-End-Allen-Key-Set-022721/290362999568?hash=item439afbc310:g:w4cAAOxyZw5Ra~3J (UK seller I know) I hate poor quality hex bolts and hex keys, every problem I've ever had with them can be traced to one of three things, 1) Poor quality bolts 2) Poor quality or worn hex keys 3) Bolts that clearly are at the end of their lifespan and need replacing, not ref
  15. Several is an understatement, I've banned more accounts in this last week than I've done in all the time upto it and I know other mods have banned a lot as well! Yes I spotted that and reported it to Arnie, forum mods can't do anything with the news page but it is possible to report anything odd on the news page using the 'Contact Us' link on the right hand navigation bar on the news page.
  16. I think you are, I recently got the V2/2011 Mini UZI and the internals are identical to the ones shown in photos on the Guarder website which have been there virtually since the 2011 version came out, said photos are on the following page which hasn't changed in years, http://www.intrudershop.com/show_product_eng.asp?idproduct=1758#top I'm still undecided on which version I like more, I've yet to really play around with the 2011 version and try to get the power down, I suspect that'll be the winner though since spare mags are still available and internally there does seem to be less li
  17. I'm in favour of keeping the current system but also in reducing the post count required for sales forum access, maybe even down to 25 posts. Look at it this way, when the forum was more active there were more opportunities for someone to join in a discussion and hit that 100 without spamming once, now it's quieter it's not quite so easy, even I find myself posting less, although that might have more to do with working 7 days a week at the moment I like the idea of posting a photo with some particular detail in it, but that requires members to report anything that breaks the forum rul
  18. Expected but at the same time a tad childish considering the turnout was considerably higher than for a general election and every vote actually counted, it wasn't a massivly convicing win for leave but the predictions were remain just scraping a win anyway and I'm sure they wouldn't have been bitter about that, in some respects for me it represents what is wrong with the EU, their view is the only veiw, everyone else is wrong and reform is a word they've never heard of. I'm also seeing a lot of posts on Facebook from remain voters saying things like 'I hear <insert country name> is
  19. That was my biggest worry really, a vote to remain would have been writing the EU a blank cheque to do whatever they want. I was half expecting to wake up to a remain vote and a demand from the EU for more money today.
  20. Indeed, the attitude of some was poor, although I mainly saw it from the remain backers where they were suggesting anyone who'd even doubt their opinion was some window licking moron even though there were very few facts to work on. I'd made my mind up long ago but the thing that really got my back up was the remainers suggesting that the biggest reason people in the EU buy my products is the single market and not because I try to make unique products or try to make something to a higher standard than someone else. In essense for a small manufacturer like me the remain campaign was def
  21. It's down a tiny amount really, yeah if you import a PTW or a $2300 BHP it'll add a bit but for lower value purchases the difference will be negligible, chances are it'll bounce back a bit anyhow, markets are fickle and largely seem interested in the short term, anyone watching XE.com last night will know that, it went down a little, then shot up higher than pre-vote levels and back down in the space of an hour or two. For those of us who manufacture in the UK and export a slightly lower GBP is good, it'll be interesting to see if my sales to EU countries fall although I'm actually expecti
  22. Air might be free but the cost of an air compressor isn't, nor is the cost of the electricity to run it, the premises to house it, the staff to operate it or the insurance to cover damages just incase something goes wrong so I don't think it's unreasonble for somewhere to charge a small amount to fill a HPA bottle, if you get it for free you should be considering it a bonus and not the norm imo.
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