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  1. When you wake up on a Monday morning and casually put a deposit on a manual lathe 😶 Waiting for the buyers remorse, hope it doesn't come.

    1. Misfit


      are you still 15

      you need to drink some more milk.

    2. Rob15


      Rob29 just doesn't have the same ring to it though 🤨

  2. Oh dear, might have just bought a CNC mill... Now I need to find space for it..

    1. Bando


      heh thats quite an impulse purchase


    2. Rob15


      Indeed, 2 weeks ago I wasn't even considering buying one, delivery alone is £350 + VAT :o

  3. eBay is just getting worse, apparantly now "M4" is a banned term and using it will get a listing removed... Well that rules out virtually every airsoft accessory/part then...

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    2. renegadecow


      What if I were looking for 4mm metric screws i.e. "M4" screws?!? I really like buying uselss ###### on Ebay, but this is just ridiculous.

    3. TheFull9


      Bloody hell... so much face in so much palm.. morons..

    4. Apex


      What a bunch of asshats.


  4. Oh dear, may have just bought a new CNC lathe... Time to start reading the manual >_<

    1. hitmanNo2


      Make, all the things.

    2. Rob15


      That's the plan, but I've got to get it delivered, connected to power and tooled up first... and learn how to use the control first :P

  5. It's amazing how impatient some airsofters are, allowing just 5 working days for international delivery with standard airmail and threatening to lesve neg feedback if they don't get a refund today... Makes me want to just give up and get a regular job :/

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    2. RSM


      Honestly speaking these days I don't care how long something takes to get to me as long as I know up front what the likely time from order to despatch is and the lead time based on current postal nonsense e.g. if I order something from WGC, as long as I know it's in transit I'll binge on Netflix till PF demands some money off me.

    3. Azubi


      Bellends everywhere.

    4. renegadecow


      Hell, I'd be plum happy just being assured whatever I pay for actually gets to me.

  6. Just got the keys for my new industrial unit, now to start filling it with machines to make new shiny things ^_^

    1. Apex


      Shiny shinys \m/


  7. OP MA6.5, You don't know man, You weren't there!

    1. Seraphim989


      Those kids...why did those damn kids have to be there man! They got shot...all of them...

  8. Had an amazing time at OP MA6.5 ^_^;;

  9. Agrees with Shriven

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