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  1. Just a quick pic of most of my collection TM MP5k PDW 1911 long slide NBB G3 SG1 P90 TR MC51 Ruger KP85 ICS MP5 SD6 KWC Sig P229 GBB and P226 springer KWA G19
  2. Souske, thats really nice thats give me a idea for the SR15c i'm building
  3. Rob15

    lr 300 pics

    As much as i like LR300's did it need its own thread?
  4. Nice one ghost Mmmm, that C15 is sexyfull, can't wait till next month to get one -rubs-
  5. Yup what rail kit is it you have on there, looks pretty sweet...
  6. Why not just say that then PariahWolf, pic isn't showing up for me
  7. Erm, quite quiet for a AEG, the ICS gearboxes seem to be fairly quiet as well The hop up is just a £5 fix as mentioned above posts, very easy to fix
  8. Finally got some pics of some of my stuff Sorry about the ###### lighting though will get some better pics when my next AEG arrives sometime next week EDIT : lighting isn't that bad if i turn my screen settings up a bit actually
  9. Looks much better with the metal body
  10. that is true, which is why i also have a load of ICS white bb's The home made tracer is great though
  11. Nope, havn't had time with exams and sleep or time at the range over at my grans I'll get it done asap..
  12. Yeah, i either read it or assumed, but imo it doesn't make that much difference... meh, my 2p
  13. "yeah, i'm allowed to go and *fruitcage* other guys but you can't go off with other girls" Bit *fruitcage*ed up imo
  14. well....... ......um........... ...... that sucks...a lot EDIT : yes 3 +1 = 4
  15. Mine is a V3.5 afaik, so far no problems at all
  16. TM MP5's are fine, just not full metal ICS MP5's are well worth the extra tokens, just have to remember to change the hop-up rubber
  17. r1ckchard, nice SD6. is that one of the laylax 20mm rails infront of the silencer? I'll get some pics of my plain ol SD6 up soon
  18. You do live in the middle of nowhere though
  19. Had a feeling the light grey ones were STAR So not too bad then
  20. ZOMG, how much did all those cost you
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