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  1. Google On topic : Looking forward to the pics of the RIS UZI
  2. How you going to shoot him with a gun you don't have
  3. Wow, liking the UHC 92F/S
  4. Good for keeping rust at bay that is.... *makes note to get some*
  5. Well they made quite a point about footwear in the safety briefing there, those certainly wouldn't be suitable for the site as it is built on a lot of ridges.
  6. He didn't actually wear them when he was skirmishing
  7. Some from my first offical skirmish on saturday I'm the one at the back (from the left to right) Me, Alex, Steve and Gucci (site owner) EDIT : Damm, now people know what i look like
  8. Right, i've just tested the consistency of 50 ICS Black 0.2g bb's. All measurements were done with a digital caliper, sizes are all in mm's. This is just the table of the results i got, i'm doing a proper review soon after some more tests and i will upload it into the data base As you can see they are mostly around 5.91/5.92/5.93 ( + or -- 0.01mm)
  9. Bad pics but you did ask My G3 SG1
  10. Now that is offputting, although being a light weight gun i suppose its not the end of the world..
  11. OMG, you have very nice guns
  12. I'm a bit put off by the AR mags not working now. Great review anyway
  13. Don't dupe accounts get people banned
  14. We can get KWA USPc's with metal slides fitted as standard with trades now can't wait to get mine. And thats one *badgeress* of a MP5k
  15. AHAHAHAHAHA, HaVoC is at the top, what a suprise *goes to look who has the most neg reps* Oh Arn, would taking my post count down to below 50, let me post past it and add the post taken off back get the rep system back for me
  16. owned, its OWNing the British way
  17. Fair point sid, and again, no not really.
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