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  1. WTF, that was completely random and on that random note, i'm suprised i havn't been banned yet, anyone know why
  2. My bad. Indeed, and as you say, him offering much less for something that is worth a lot more Most certainly not, it won't fit a MP5 without adaptors, infact, what guns would it fit Whine about it
  3. Erm sid, £50 with mounts, that thread is at least a few weeks old as well. As i said in my last post, if you didn't check his rep points and just looked at the number you would probably trust him.... I usually don't get involved in any rep point stuff, mainly because i can't give them so it never bothers me that much, i just get them
  4. *is wondering the same thing* Having said that a few of my points are pointless (not sure how many without looking) but there you go, thats how it is. I usually look through rep points rather than just look at the number anyway
  5. Rob15

    USP Picture Thread

    Is that one of the ones off airshooter by any chance @ PsyGen, how is it with the silencer?
  6. On it now Only thing is G_R can hunt me down and moscart me now
  7. Damm right they do and you really can't see them at all, it'll take me a while to get used to not seeing anything coming out of the gun
  8. 5.98CM, don't you mean 5.98mm Afaik they arn't the same as AE's
  9. I've just got a bag of these so i'll be testing them out soon Will measure a few when i get chance and have a go at cutting one in half..... Maybe write a review *looks at pile of new stuff to review* half term eh
  10. As requested by topic starter (aka my master ) Un-holy non HK pistol edited out
  11. Yeh, but its no where near as good as the SD6, the gear box doesn't sound as smooth, 2 bolts on the stock needed thread-lock on them about a hour into having it and it doesn't have a silencer..... Although the hop up is much better and its a nice gun overall Now i just need to visit the HK pic thread when my G3-SG1 arrives
  12. Less talk, more pics ICS MP5 SD6 and TM MP5k A4 PDW
  13. Nope, working for me, damm this IE browser, it always seems to work
  14. Erm, no If you wnat to post something in a picture thread you don't untill there are a few threads you want to post in, then you do it all at the same time
  15. Erm, does it really matter its easy to do that you just resist posting where you would normaly and then do it all at once Done it befor myself but with less effect Also, people who don't scale their images down, i hate it when i have to go across a page to read posts all the time It isn't exactly hard to do
  16. What picture, what penis oh, that....
  17. Who changed the topic sub title Where's Elrey
  18. Again, people who quote pictures all the time, i have done it befor myself but i have also put "( username's picture would be here)" in If i go into the picture threads to look at peoples guns i want to see as many different guns as fast as possible, i don't want to see the same *fruitcage* gun over and over again being on dial up makes it even more annoying How much effort does it take to put username, your (insert the name of whatever you're talking about here) (insert your comment here) Although on some occasions it is Acceptable to quote a picture And then
  19. yes, the others were *fruitcage*ed too Not really, i had to buy some new ones No, matt finish I did
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