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  1. I have, it was a 1.5, i spent 3 hours looking for it never found it again so i spent £20 and brought a whole new set that were even better
  2. If its a 1mm 1.5mm 2mm 2.5mm go to a bike shop a good bike shop will have one
  3. Yup, i look through the sales threads a lot to see if there is anything i am interested in, and most of the posts are "oh i sooo wish i had the money to buy that" whats the point in posting if you don't have the money
  4. yup, ive noticed that, the forum rules do still apply to them too afterall would the tart team forum be one of the ones you're talking about
  5. how does he do it meh, got to give him credit for knowing how
  6. Yup, but more work for arnie True, its only relevent for the people in teh team Even though i have a team forum i will second that i have deleted a lot of posts and a few topics befor in mine why don't they delete their old roster threads or just edit the old ones
  7. damm typo, i hate them edited now
  8. Best, idea, ever, how funny would that be "mag member caught spying on boys getting undressed"
  9. Yes, yes it does thats the funniest thing i have ever seen OMFG, BIG PU##Y
  10. On that note, schools that don't have rulers that are straight wtf is the point in them
  11. I agree with that a few names come to mind with the search you noob thing
  12. Rob15

    kwa usp compact

    meh, who cares, i'm getting a tune up kit for it
  13. Rob15

    kwa usp compact

    If you want also, does it matter if i store my glock with it cocked i don't keep the slide locked back or anything
  14. Rob15

    kwa usp compact

    quick spray on the blow back mech, bit down the barrel, clean the lube off the top of the mag and put it back together Hookers are a bit different.............
  15. Rob15

    kwa usp compact

    yeh, hookers tend to do that themselves I strip my G19 down every time i use it and just give a quick clean
  16. Rob15

    kwa usp compact

    A KWA G19 is easier to strip than a well paid hooker
  17. Rob15

    kwa usp compact

    it was a combination of wear from it being second hand and
  18. Don't worry, i'm not going to
  19. Yeh, i was thinking that i'm probably not going to bother trying
  20. Rob15

    kwa usp compact

    Yup, wasn't it a shooters design or something like that AA have G&G slides and outer barrels in for £70 any way
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