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  1. Second of my AABB long mags arrived this morning, this one required no fixes and holds gas fine straight from the box
  2. I've received one of these mags this morning (another two on the way) and mine leaked from the off, the pins in the base plate had not been put in properly and didn't go through to the holes on one side of the mag, little bit of work later and I got the pins out and fitted back in properly and it holds gas fine without having to do anything to the seal itself. My mag looks fine quality wise though, no better or worse than stock KWA/KSC mags for the main body of it although the feed lip does feel flimsy so I won't be suprised it that does eventually go and the base plate doesn't slide as sm
  3. Cheers, just added NoScript so I'll see if that makes things a bit smoother on here, the laggyness I think is in part due to my PC being a bit laggy overall although the forum seemed to be more laggy than anything else.
  4. I also seem to be having the same problem on Firefox (latest version afaik), although it has only asked me to stop the script once, the forum is very very laggy at the moment though.
  5. I'd agree with this, its much like the UK wanted subforums where dispite it being split into AEG/Gas/Spring etc very few people actually bother to post within the subforums themselves and just post in the main wanted section.... Also by having so many subforums if I say, want to tidy the wanted section up and move threads the list of forums I have to look through to find the correct section has got so long it makes the process harder and increases the chance of dropping a topic into the wrong one! So yeah, a vote for keeping the amount of subforums to a minimum and keeping things simpl
  6. I don't know about that, 2 of my 3 seem to work fine bar occasional bbs going in random directions, gas efficiency is decent with the stock piston heads suprisingly considering the seals are pretty loose, the one of mine with the upgrade piston head cycles very nicely though and seems to get a good amount of shots per fill. I dare say the upgraded one performs better than the KSC USPs I have on the whole bar the odd shots. Fit and finish of everying is certainly far better than my KSC USPs, as are the materials, all it needs now really is a tasty machined slide to top it off 3rd one
  7. Household 10amp light switch > V2 trigger contacts
  8. Funnily enough I did. I had a choice between black bolts of a reasonable quality but which also rust very easily, very bright shiny stainless steel bolts or a much duller, stronger and higher quality stainless steel bolt. I opted for the high quality duller bolt rather than a lower quality one.
  9. Stunt is correct, it is a single block of aluminium with the rings pulling inwards on each side to tighten it onto the silencer and taclight. And now a chance to show off my SD3 as well
  10. The SD is a standard ICS SD3 externally, internally it has had a few modifications and upgrades to make it quieter, optics wise I've just got a standard G&P Aimpoint rep with a low rail and a Surefire 6P classic with a rep tip-off filter, the mount is one of my own designs/products which is why they won't have been seen anywhere else before. The mount is setup to take standard 25mm/1" diameter body taclights, Surefire 6P/9Ps will fit happily and most other standard sized taclights will fit as well, although some where the body is out of spec will need a thin shim or two (which wi
  11. Indeed, its not so much the issue that they fail that bugs me though. Its always the case that an optic that costs the same or more as a G&P aimpoint (double in the case of eofakes) is always worse and much more likely to fail, so how is it that a major airsoft brand can have a much better much more reliable scope made for the same sort of retail price or less as the unbranded ones? I suspect G&P have the buying power to demand at least some level of quality control on their aimpoints, whereas a non-brand factory will just sell them for what they can and not give a *suitcase* weth
  12. QFT I remember when the courts ruled in favour of banks charging what they did for unauthorised overdrafts and one of these up his own *albartroth* guys from a money related (I'm suspecting one of the we-can't-look-after-our-own-finances-but-like-to-think-we-can-because-nothing-is-our-fault websites) website having a right old moan about how the ruling was a huge blow towards being fair to consumers and how it was a great injustice on the news and I just sat there going Jeez people, an unauthorised overdraft is nothing more than petty theft, that is the bottom line of it wether you
  13. Yeah, they don't care so much that they now file international patents on new products....
  14. *Disclaimer, above member needs to read the rules. "Be nice to other forum users Treat others as you would expect to be treated. If you are abusive on these forums, your posts / threads will be edited or deleted, you may be given warning points, you may get your account suspended, and persistent offenders will be banned." "This site makes no discrimination between people of different race, gender or religion. Airsoft is a sport for all, and these forums reflect that. We welcome everyone except those who demonstrate intolerance toward others."
  15. Do you seriously expect mods to look though upto 5000 posts (and probably a lot more counting sections where posts don't increase post count) though? The warn points system is easy in that respect as it highlights past issues for moderators and can help with taking future action especially if a member continues to do something they have been warned about before. From what I've seen people do get warn points reduced for good behaviour as it is and personally I don't see any need for a change to the current system.
  16. Surefire did indeed make an MP5 SD taclight mount, and you are correct in saying they are discontinued, although even when they were in production outside of the states they were quite a rarity. I don't think there ever has really been a common and easily obtainable proper purpose made mounting system for the MP5 SD (Except the Surefire if you wanted one when they were in production and lived in the states) although that should change once mine go on sale. Those mounts (The one on my MP5 SD3 in the picture above) have been designed by me and are CNC machined specifically for me in England
  17. It is indeed a pre-production prototype, I certainly wouldn't actually have a silver one so I'll be having a production one that is anodized black for it once they have been machined
  18. Excellent! I'm going to hire a hitman to shoot you in the head! Its only illegal if I get caught
  19. Rob15

    AGM M4 GBB

    Green gas has a pressure of about 120psi at room temperature if i remember rightly, Red gas has a pressure of about 150psi again if i remember rightly. If your mags don't leak on green it doesn't mean they won't on red gas, its higher pressure so there is a chance the mags will start leaking regardless of what they do with green gas in. Saying they'll be fine if they don't leak with green gas is like saying mags that hold 134a without leaking will be fine on green, not always true...
  20. Rob15

    AGM M4 GBB

    Are you sure red gas is such a good idea? If mags are leaking on green they'll leak like mad on red gas, if they hold green ok its possible red gas could push them a bit far and cause them to leak. Also with reports of mags swelling up with green gas i'd be concerned about the safety of red gas and the potential for them to explode. Not to mention the most important point (sort of), red gas is usually much more expensive than green gas or propane, in the UK its nearly double the price of a can of green gas and about 6x the cost of propane!
  21. Bet my cat purrs more and louder than yours Exploring in the kitchen
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