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  1. Yeah one of those SVDs on Ebay is a guy on Airsoft Forum. He found it too big and heavy to use in the field. A local guy that has used mine loves it and is in the process of saving for one.
  2. The finish on the handguard is a bit bright. With use and from normal wear and tear it will get better.
  3. I ran it in a skirmish this past Sunday and did pretty well. I didn't use it all day, just for an hour or so and I got 3 confirmed hits. All over 100' using .36g. I find that the BBs fly pretty straight, but do veer left/right randomly. Haven't cleaned the barrel in a while so that might help. I found that if I was well concealed, and fired from far enough away they couldn't see where I was shooting from because the BBs are green. I had a blast and didn't find the accuracy to be a hinderence, due to the fact I was able to make follow up shots as quickly as needed. Everyone wanted to see i
  4. The only mod I did was an M140, Guarder bucking and H-nub. Everything else is stock.
  5. So a little update. Went to the shop yesterday to test out range on the field and hang out with the guys. I tested some Madbull .36g BBs and found the M140 not enough to propel them out where they needed to be. I swapped out the Systema M140 for a Madbull M150 and unfortunately the FPS increased 100 FPS! From 440 FPS to 545 FPS. Plus, the 8.4v was straining to pull the M150. Since that was over the field limit I tried a Madbull M140 next and found it to put the FPS with .20g at 480 FPS. Much better! I think with a tightbore barrel, a cleaning of the barrel, and a new bucking and it will b
  6. I'm assuming you mean the SVD "review" and not the Type 56. This isn't a "review" yet as most can tell. I got the gun last week and haven't properly used it on the field. That, coupled with the fact that I work full time, have a girlfriend, help out at the local shop, and have stuff to do around the house doesn't leave me much time to write the review right now. See where im going with this.......in time.
  7. I forgot to mention that I swapped springs to a Systema M140 a few days ago. With no ill effects yet. It sounds the same as it did stock. I might even try an M150 eventually. I have a chrono and when I chrono'd with .2g it was up to about 450 fps (stock was 400 fps with .2g). With the .30g it goes down to about 370 fps. Shooting at a tree about 100' away I hit a 12" x 13" portion of the tree 20 out of 21 times using the scope. I plan to test out a Prometheus 650mm tightbore barrel as well as .36g bbs. The real test will be at this Sunday's game.
  8. I don't play at SP. I play at Ground Zero Airsoft in Wolcott. Horsem4n, what SVD do you have? I sure hope it doesn't get shot out. That would flat out suck! I have a 100' minimum engagement rule so hopefully I don't allow anybody close enough to me to shoot it.
  9. Got my awesome scope in today! Tested it out with .3g and from about 100' away I was able to hit a tree 20 out of 21 times. The area I was consistantly hitting was probably was about 12" wide by about 13" tall. I plan to eventually try some .36g when I can get some. Scope is a real Russian 3-9x42mm made in Belarus. Plan to use this some on Sunday. it is a beautiful looking setup. And, it isn't much more than the SVD with the replica scope. Scope was $300 with shipping.
  10. Just got my prize in the mail from Real Sword. You might be wondering how I got this gun for free?!? Well, I wrote a review on the RS Type 56 on another board and then everybody voted on which review they liked most. I was lucky enough to win! I got a nice certificate that is suitable for framing if I so choose. The SVD is incredible in looks and feel. Very hefty and extremely solid build quality. Upon receiving it I quickly tore open the box to bask in its awesomeness! The wood is done beautifully. The receiver is also a nice deep black which looks very realistic. The magazine hol
  11. WE's website has a large photo of the exploded diagram. Perfect!
  12. Anybody have a link to the exploded diagram of the gun with the part labels/numbers? I never received a manual with my gun.
  13. Small update on mine. I have attached a Grenade launcher to mine and it now looks bad a**! Photos later. I have purchased a propane adaptor and propane tanks and plan to try to field it today (abut 50-60 degrees). Green gas works, but there is too much silicone and after 3 mags there is silicone seeping out of the body. Being able to add just a small amount of silicone to the propane should be less messy. So far my 4 mags are holding gas fine. The slight leaks the first day have disappeared. I absolutely HATE the hop up. I tore it down yesterday, cleand the barrel of excess silc
  14. LOL, I did don't worry. Hope to shoot this a bit more after work tonight. It is cold so we will see how it performs.
  15. I just got mine today. I ordered it off Redwolf along with 3 spare mags. It is supposedly the ASC version. I have all the Colt trades intact. All my mags leaked but after the 3rd or 4th charge of Green Gas 3 have stopped while one has a slight leak still. I plan to pick up a Milspec Sopmod or Magpul CTR stock as well as an aftermarket grip. I have added RIS rails as well as a Surefire M900 replica and topped it off with a Red/Green Dot sight. I love the looks and blow back is cool as heck! Quick photo of mine below. I still have so much to read in this thread to learn about them. I can't confi
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