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  1. dealda

    Custom Kimber Stainless II (Overview, WE)

    Maybe the Hammer pushes too hard and locks the slide back.
  2. dealda

    WE TA 2015, P90 review

    Looks like the NcStar Carry Handle Mount.
  3. dealda

    Glock Picture Thread

    3D printed slide? How did you round the triggerguard?
  4. dealda

    FN Picture Thread

    Is the Leupold Sight any good? I got my Fnx Saturday and took it on the Field Sunday. Until now I am impressed, but truth to be told I had no expectation at all.
  5. dealda

    Tokyo Marui M&P9

    There at least two options for a Slidemoumt. The first one is by Dave's Custom Airsoft Another option is desinged by Ken's Props (he is also here in the forum, if you have detailed questions)
  6. dealda

    1911 Picture Thread

    After all it is all about the Bejamins
  7. dealda

    SIG Picture Thread

    The GunsModify Costa Slide Set has its own BBU for both G17 and G18.
  8. dealda

    Magpul PTS RM4 ERG Series.

    Hi, in the following week my Erg scout will hopefully arrive. Has anyone tried to fit a normal Aeg Upper on the Rifle? I am especially interestet into the Dytac Uppers. greetings
  9. dealda

    Glock Picture Thread

    @DJ_komodo: Nice collection, which Magwell do you use on your Ksc g17? @uscmCorps Thanks for this awesome turtorial. There goes my weekend.

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