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  1. Presenting my pencil drawn demonic fractal raptor-dog... thing. =D
  2. I think that custom prog4 frame would be a lot more expensive. I've been looking around, and I think it would be feasible to have grooves milled directly into the frame. On top of that, if I get the silver slide and frame, I could get them anodized and dyed - I'm thinking red or bronze - for a truly custom piece. http://i880.photobucket.com/albums/ac8/jamesabdow/IMG_31831.jpg
  3. Yes they do appear to be a two piece design, but I don't own a set of my own. After falling in love with the feel and performance of my KJW Xcellerator, but not being very impressed by the finishing or frame/slide quality, I'm determined to build a SD based 6.0 hicapa. The thing is I want a railed chassis - which doesn't exist in that length. Any recommendation on how best to put a rail onto such a chassis? And a pic with my new grip...
  4. Yeah, evike has 'em in OD and black http://www.airsoftpo...oducts_id=32028 Airsoftgi has tan, but I'm not sure if they ship outside the us. You mentioned something about the dustcover on my KJW Xccelerator, is that the part of the frame that extends under the front of the slide? I'm a little bit weary of the stock zinc/magnesium pot metal this thing is allegedly made of, so I'm actually planning on replacing the slide with a SD 6" infinity slide, and I can only find 5" Xccelerator frames but I was thinking it might look neat if I trim the tip at an angle that matches the serrations on th
  5. They go for around 30USD. I saw one site selling them for 15. They come in "tan" (more like a brown actually), OD and black.
  6. This is my baby. The only real alterations I've made are the 6.01mm Palsonite inner barrel, and a slightly different outer barrel, I had to order the version that comes in the guns sold in Taiwan, because the barrel that comes in these guns sold in america is just a little too long and the precision inner barrel wouldn't work. I saw a picture of the KP06 "Gunner Grip" in white (or very light gray) and I would kill for it, but I can't actually find it. Apart from that grip I plan to replace the slide catch and safeties with shiny silver ones, and maybe a new trigger, as well as one of thise nin
  7. I'd call that pretty darn artistic! Very nice gun by the way.
  8. Thanks Matt! I try not to "over-edit" but I got carried away and liked the end result.
  9. I was going for something slightly different here... Confession: I'm a fan of CSI, NCIS, Bones... and crime dramas in general. Edited to look like an X-ray. I think I'll return to this idea with some internals overlaid or something so it actually looks more convincing.
  10. Luvs2shoot, that has to be one of the most tastefully customized M14s I have ever seen. The paint job looks very professional too.
  11. Ah splendid, so I have just wrote the third DE-M3 review on this forum. Thanks for clarifying though. I wasn't trying to discredit you, I just like to be certain on the facts, and you gotta be skeptical on the internet. Wow, I wish I could get a tour of an airsoft factory.
  12. I admit I have heard that before. I can't really find any real proof for or against that statement, and I'm just trying to be objective, I didn't think I should talk about it as if it were a fact without any real confirmation. Could you explain how you know this?
  13. This is my first review, and first off I would like to address the fact that there are already a few reviews on UTG's version of this gun. As many will say that Crosman, UTG, TSD, and DE are all making identical clones to the TM M3, it may seem redundant to write this review. I hope to cover some aspects that may not have been covered in the UTG reviews, and provide a review on Crosman's version, even if they are all allegedly the same. Note: I have had this gun for about a month. I've experimented with some cosmetic alterations such as shortening the outer barrel, removing the sights, an
  14. A painted M3, my first painted airsoft. I thought it would be best to start off painting something cheap. The barrel is so short because I was sawing off the front sight (I didn't like it, and it's kind of useless) and I sawed into the barrel. With no putty or anything to fill that in with I just lopped off about an inch of barrel.
  15. I tried to be artistic about this, criticism is very welcome. I'm surprised this thread is in the off topic section, I feel like it should be in the Kit/Loadout pictures section.
  16. Great review. Has anyone disassembled these things and had a good look at the internals? Are they relatively simple to disassemble/reassemble? (my guess is they should be, being based off TM M3's) Edit: I wish I had done more searching before I asked this question. I found a guide for TM models, and I suppose it should be similar for the UTG/TSD/DE/Crosman - doesn't look too complicated.
  17. That's what I'm told, but I've also heard UTG's is a lot sturdier, with better plastic, but maybe that's just anti-Crosman jabber. Having tried the TM M3 a while ago I'm pretty happy with the Crosman's performance. Obviously when you hold it you can tell the construction is cheaper than TM's, and time will only tell how durable it is.
  18. It's actually very sturdy - practically no movement - you just have to take your time making it. I really wanna write a review in that shotgun, I just wish I could get my hands on a UTG M3 and a TM M3 for comparison.
  19. My Crosman "TM M3 clone." Note the homemade flashlight mount consisting of electrical tape, a cut up pen, and cable-ties
  20. My dreamgun, and first creation (Yes I really want the red!)
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