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    CA M15A4 CQBR + Replica Aimpoint
    CA M15A4 R.I.S. + Aimpoint Comp M2
    TM M4A1
    TM MP5J
    CA MP5 A5 + Flashlight + Walther Red dot
    CA B&T MP5 A5
    KWA G19
    KSC USP Compactm x2
    HFC M190 Special Force
    TM Hi-Capa 4.3
    TM 1911
    Escort Grenades x2
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    PC load letter? What the f@#* does that mean?
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    United States

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    San Jose, CA
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    o Finding like-minded local airsofters<br />o Studying Vietnamese (I'm caucasian)<br />o Software architecture<br />o Human computer interaction<br />o Complex guitar<br />o Current events<br />o Talk Radio
  1. MS_Handplant


  2. Yep. I sure do. I like mag compatibility more than variety.
  3. GB-Tech fixed the "Devise" typo on the filler/charger. I just got one from RedWolf. Great review by the way -- you convinced me.
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