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  1. Jokke90

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    M07BA, Norwegian desert Left -> Right Combatkit Medic pouch, Norwegian desert EI Flashbang pouch, Ranger Green EI MBITR pouch, Khaki EI Admin pouch, Khaki 3x ATS Tiered double shingle, Coyote 2x EI 9mm pouch, Ranger Green 2x ATS Tall shingle, Coyote EI 100rd SAW pouch, Khaki EI Frag pouch, Khaki BattleLab Hydration pouch, Coyote Gadgets: 215Gear Tourniquet holder, with SOF-TT Camelback 3L Leatherman Wave IR Lightstick
  2. Jokke90

    The HK 416 GBBR by VFC

    VFC states that it will probably be out at Hong Kong retailers by april or may. MP5 march or april btw.
  3. Jokke90

    The HK 416 GBBR by VFC

    It does look very realistic indeed, handling the RS one almost every day it's really close to the real thing. Some few details like the Buffer detente being a little smaller than the real thing, and the screw holding the rails is a phillips on the real thing. Everything else exterior vise looks spot on, even the selector and I think you mentioned a "wobbly" triggerguard, on my RS it's not wobbly to make a sound, but you can move it around quite a bit.
  4. Jokke90

    What's your backup?

    KSC M9 mainly SOCOM Gear MEU for PMC kit MP5K or MAC-10 depending on season for marksman backup
  5. Jokke90

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    My WIP. Waiting for some L SAPI plates and some minor things. Clicky for larger pictures. RS PACA 1st Gen RLCS RRS-V 1st Gen EI RPC RLCS RPC adapters RLCS Triple shingle EI Double M4 pouch 1st Gen RLCS Weapon catch EI Admin w/light 2x Eagle 9mm pouches 2x Eagle Frag pouches EI Medic pouch EI MAP 1st Gen EI MBITR pouch EI Flashbang pouch Camelbak reservoir Puxing PX-888 Cavalvy headset

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