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    Those are some sexy DMR's with sick paint job's but I'm always running around so they're a bit to big for me but great job wish I would stop running around *stands up and runs round house*
  2. mikogel

    Glock Picture Thread

    @stealth 1911 how did you get your slide so shiny and wouldn't that be a problem it relefcting the sunlight so the other players see it. I need to buy more glocks i've only had about 5. @ Romulus was it hard to fit the clip and doesnt it touch the slide cause it really sucks if you have scratches only there.
  3. mikogel

    Glock Picture Thread

    Yo james bernatchez which company makes those glocks? Personally i would keep one tan one black so you can change them according to your kit.
  4. mikogel

    Glock Picture Thread

    okay this is my glock its a cyma 030 with couple upgrades. sorry about the quality of the pictures. Also wutang are those metal slide on those beasts. lol

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