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  1. Having Been to every Ground Zero weekender I can tell you its a great weekend, but there are so many real young players the Non hit taking is legendary, In my experance the best way to play against that is Give everyone a real good burst just so they know that there was no mistaking there hit! If that makes me an over killer thats fine with me, I took 600 rounds out to play all day at GZ and came back to the tent with over half of thoes, @ Rogue if you where going to remove every player that over killed at GZ you would have to remove just about every one that carried a HiCap,
  2. Yeah they fit a little tight but they fit and feed. Dytec barrel rocks. Iv got some lying around somewhere IL chuck them on Just orderd MICRO T-1 Red Dot Scope w/ LaR QD Mount TD BattleGrip QD version SHORT VERSION DE Magpul PTS Mbus Sight Set DE EB QD Sling Swivel IL update the pics when it all arrives
  3. My VFC 416 (externally anyway) with magpul furniture and My Almost completed magpul, I'm getting a micro aimpoint with hi-mount and magpul flip up sights for it, should i get DE or Black flip ups? oh and any flash hider suggestions with link greatly appreciated, thanks to RWS591 for helping me get the UBR
  4. Iv got myself a magpul/vltor reciver DE and a larue 12' in the post I'm just waiting for the UBR in DE to come in stock somewhere so i can order one
  5. Are you sure? i don't think its a G&P body, Anyone who has actually built one tell me how compatible they are? i find it strange that it comes with a delta ring
  6. How compatible are the magpul bodies? iv herd that there are compatible issues?
  7. are the crye pants meant to go over the boots?
  8. picture taken by Teetee at this years groundzero weekender.
  9. Nice kit although id have chosen much smaller guns your current long and side arm look far to big for you
  10. The pro-arms frames look great but has anybody got them to work?
  11. http://www.warfighters.eu/warfighters-prod...81&show=all
  12. thanks mate...........................any more?
  13. Has anyone had complete success fitting the proarms frame ?
  14. tallbloke, what make are the 249s?
  15. Has anyone put paint to a 249 iv been all the way thru the thread and nothing?
  16. Team Delta-Alpha GroundZero 07 Longmoor 07 Longmoor 08
  17. I find that the CA mags feed very well with CA guns but not so great with other guns G&P, Vfc, hurricane to name the ones iv tried so its not just the r85 they feed poorly with.
  18. Me and my Ak47 at the ground zero national game picture takern by teetee
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