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  1. The KSC are the most "realistic" Airsoft M9 on the market. Until the TM M9A1 came out...that was your only option for "realism".
  2. From your first pict...it definitely looks like MIM.
  3. Recently? It was last spring that they came out again. They put out another batch this winter?
  4. .50AE on a small frame? That must be the French Armorer's doing....
  5. There was a "blaster" fight on the Raza, Mikkei's - Trauffet was dual wielding CYB KWC Pistols with rails and when she point the barrels to the ceiling, you can see the CO2 mag in it.
  6. That is the particle pistols exo-barrel. Its much smaller than the outer barrel sheath.
  7. The "armorer" for SYFY bought 6 pallets of old Cybergun/Spartan Imports Airsoft guns back 2.5 years ago from Palco. They continue to source in Airsoft for their unique requirements.
  8. That pack was dimension wise sourced to fit within a Mini silhouette.
  9. If it runs on a Mini sized battery. You can put in a 2S 2600mah Lipo.
  10. Helixairsoft has many KSC/KWA GLock parts. I have G&P G17 Slides for KSC/KWA...full markings. You can get your baby up and running like new for about 100.00 with slide.
  11. Saw this in in Hong Kong - Keymod Glock!
  12. And EOtech...and Aim point...and RS parts....
  13. One guy from Japan uses it with no video and you call it crappy? Here is video proof, which I have posted before. TM with a short loaded mag. Tried to get it to vent like a conventional mag when pressure is to low - Failed. Gun ran dry, no poof! Stark that ran to slide lock with full mag...no poofing either. Yeah it fluctuates...so what...the gun is running in ranges that it would never run in stock form. Vega saw this at Hooha, was impressed and he "made" his own version. We used Poseidon's version.
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