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  1. Guges Mk3

    What do you think of the well G74?

    Honestly....nothing that WELL makes is very good. They have a long history of sub-par low grade products. They are a low end supplier and thus I do not see them ever trying to make their products "good".
  2. Guges Mk3

    What does "BB" actually stand for?

    Brigg is right. "The "BB" in bb gun does not stand for 'ball-bearing'. ' BB' began as the size of a shot (intended for use within a shotgun shell) which fell midway between 'b' and 'bbb' types. An inventor eventually began using 'bb' as a single projectile, hence the name." BB Size is 4.5mm
  3. Guges Mk3

    Best 3rd gen Glock 17? TM or WE

    TM is better. Better upgrade path better finish. WE is just painted and wears unevenly and quickly. Plus their mags start leaking and rather short order if you oil them. So, don't oil them. Oiling mags isn't proper maintenance anyways. KSC G17 is a real 1:1 in size, unlike the TM/WE which is dimension-ally more like a G21. However, finding aftermarket parts is slim to none on that model. But, I happen to have a few G&P G17 slides for KSC (real markings)...sitting on a shelf.
  4. Guges Mk3

    Airsoft sightings in Movies and TV shows thread 2

    The KSC are the most "realistic" Airsoft M9 on the market. Until the TM M9A1 came out...that was your only option for "realism".
  5. Guges Mk3

    Airsoft Shopping in Hong Kong

    WGC just moved 2 stops down from Mongkok...not sure of their new address yet. They are posting it on their website soon.
  6. Guges Mk3

    WTB PTS AAC flash hider, CCW

    Long or short?
  7. Guges Mk3

    Umarex/KWC Beretta M9A3 CO2 GBB pistol :D

    KSC/KWA does not use white. KSC prides themselves on 1:1 fully funtional GBB's (working safety, real type trigger spring...etc. The item pictured is "not" KSC. It's a "KWC" The rough parts are the cast marks. Spring Guide finish is flaking Barrel is not centered in slide, it will wear unevenly on left side White laser etching is pock marked Barrel Finish is inconsistent, bits of unfinished metal showing on parts. Lower is not consistent in machining as well as slide. (Picture 6) Being that it is a KWC on CO2. It's meant for only one thing...economic benefit for the company selling it. I know...I used to work for a company like that and have been to the "old" KWC facility in Taiwan. Not the new one...
  8. Guges Mk3

    Umarex/KWC Beretta M9A3 CO2 GBB pistol :D

    You mentioned KSC in description...but yeah KWC...not top shelf for quality. Your images show the many rough edges. Hope the fron of the slide does not blow off due to impure alloys.
  9. Guges Mk3


    VFC can be good, but they cannot over come the laws of physics and keep it realistic looking. As for the Western naming thing... Trinity, as in They Call me Trinity.
  10. Guges Mk3

    WE Desert Eagle (Licensed by Cybergun)

    From your first pict...it definitely looks like MIM.
  11. Guges Mk3

    KSC Auto 9C

    Recently? It was last spring that they came out again. They put out another batch this winter?
  12. Guges Mk3


    Actually Vega at VFC is just a H&K Fan Boy...he will make anything H&K. And some of the items I have seen in his office...yeah...the G3 was a logical choice for him.
  13. Guges Mk3

    WE Desert Eagle (Licensed by Cybergun)

    .50AE on a small frame? That must be the French Armorer's doing....

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