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  1. Nice look Yann, I like it. Here's some more of me pratting around.. ~ferg~
  2. burning down the local uni? take it he lives in Southampton then? LOL ~ferg~
  3. maybe im just being critical but i'd of taken a bigger car or... another car ~ferg~
  4. yup, chicken wing! was aiming at something lower than me though ~ferg~
  5. hey have a copy and paste picture of me "in a power plant" - yes, I was very bored *edit* and heres another one of me near a train thingy *edit edit* actually it looks like a truck ~ferg~
  6. Army isnt Royal cos after the Civil war the army was the "New Model Army" which supported Parliament. Never changed back technically as far as im aware. Anyway, back on topic ~ferg~
  7. MP5's are the nuts. Not as cool as my M15A4 tho. I had one of the MP5's that you have, as my first gun - got it 5 years ago and its still in working order. Good gun ~ferg~
  8. lol, sorry its just such a stupid name I dont have the foggiest idea of how to spell it. ~ferg~
  9. see! his face does. ~ferg~
  10. no,no,no... I didnt mean u looked small. I mean facially you look like Elisha Wood or whatever his name is! It was bugging me for ages where i'd 'seen your face before' that was it. U dont look small at all. ~ferg~
  11. Oh! I say!! what a pretty tree!! ~ferg~
  12. its frodo damn it!! ~ferg~
  13. Trolls first post was about 3 posts up from mine FERG
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