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  1. He's been pretty clear about the fact that he's speculating, not claiming. No need to back up speculation if it's presented as such.
  2. Ah man you fooled me! But I'm really looking forward to this release and I hate to see the thread derailed like this. Has anyone got any more info on the internals? Do we finally have an answer to the question of who makes them?
  3. AirsoftGI: What on earth is that, and why is it here?
  4. In an AEG the air is compressed as the BB moves down the barrel, but because it's compressed by a spring the pressure isn't constant. Instead the pressure increases as the piston accelerates. So you only want it to be actually pushing the BB down the barrel when it's moving at it's fastest. This means you'll transfer as much energy as possible to the BB. If you have a non-ported cylinder and a short barrel, you waste a good amount of the kinetic energy stored in the spring as the BB has left the barrel before the piston head hits the cylinder head. This equals lower FPS. I've also read about t
  5. The quick change barrel system is a nice feature, close to the RS as I understand. But you'll need to change the cylinder too so it won't actually be that quick. I still really really want one of these...
  6. Does that improve consistency of the hop?
  7. What's the benefit of using that over the stock chamber? Apart from looking really really cool, that is. T
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